After 3 weeks of terrible hives.

So after 3 weeks of enduring terrible hives, ED twice, pred, loratidine 20mg daily, phenergan, polaramine today i had wild pomegranate juice, chicken bone broth and coconut water all day.

I cant believe the difference my itch is like a 2/10 compared to 10/10 the exhaustion has lifted. Going to try this for another 2 days i actually have hope again.

 after 3 weeks of  terrible hives

The pics were from yest morning it coverws my whole body i have bruises in my calves and thighs from the angioedema and my throat was this morning after double dose of antihistamines. The hives are there but much less in heat.
Saying that the loratadine wont wear off till tomorrow but nothing i took was working


Jen Wah Lotus Ok so today second day of bone broth. So far i look like i have been punched in the face as hives under my eyes so i did take a loratadine BUT last night was the best night i have had yet and nearly all the hives and itch are gone from my body. So sticking to this for at least another day before reintroducing foods

Amity Howell-Sloboda I so feel for you. Been there but they never spread to my face. It’s the most frustrating experience to ever go thru.
Try using soft ice packs to cool the skin where the itch is. Move it from itchy spot to itchy spot.
Maybe try introducing foods on the anti-inflammatory list first.
Don’t be afraid to take anti-histamines. They can help.
Probiotics can help get your tummy in order in case your hives are related to gut issues.
Ranitidine/Zantac can help too with the gut.

Good luck.

Jen Wah Lotus Thank you so much xx ive been on antihistamines for over 3 weeks they dont seem to be helping

Jodie Curtis Also check the low histamine diet when bring in foo- some things are on AIP diet but still high in histamine. Good luck!

Jen Wah Lotus Ok my face is still puffy and i am a little itchy but no hives! Going to try a day with no antihistamines

CH Razii Please try (Azadirachta indica, commonly known as neem )

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