Again today my Urticaria has also been flaring up too.

After spending three hours in the urgent care because my Angioedema flared up yesterday. And again today my Urticaria has also been flaring up too. Plus I had been telling my. specialist about another concern for 6 months. He said it was just dry skin.

Well I learned I have eczema too and I have something on my neck. The urgent care doctor had NEVER F**** seen before!!!!! Then tells me that yes, I was correct I need to see a dermatologist. And the wait in this area is about three months??? But he could give me 5 days worth of medication for eczema. And a weeks worth for my Angioedema and Urticaria. I have found a new provider for my rare condition. The provider is out of state until next week. I’m so out done. My anxiety is on ten.


Craig Wachter I have a solution for your situation if you can send me A PM

Sydney TC Are you taking anything for the angioedema?
Eczema can be pretty treatable and manageable depending on severity with its lotions and creams.
Sending you luck and I hope the thing on your neck is okay.

Cate Ekvesse Hokte Sydney TC Yes, I was given Dexamethasone after I met someone in this group from London that recommended it. Prior to that me and my daughter were being prescribed Prednisone. As many people know that stuff takes forever to work and sometimes doesn’t work at all. I have my fingers crossed about my neck. I’m going look for dermatologist later today.

Sydney TC Have you tried antihistamines? Steroids never worked me…

Cate Ekvesse Hokte Sydney TC I am prescribed Zyrtec 10 MG two in the AM and two at bed. I also take Singulair 10 MG, one in the AM and one at bed. I have started back using Aveeno products. I used to be a GS troop leader. I had poison ivy once and I used the Aveeno Oatmeal body wash. I used it last night along with the soothing bath treatment. The Sarna lotion is ok but you have to keep re-applying it. These antihistamines are pretty like candy to my body. They have been increased three times.

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