All blood tests like complement, tryptase, autoimmune urticaria come fine.

I’ve had hives for 32 days now. the week before I drank wine twice (and I never drink). I also eat a TON of high histamine foods (avocados, nuts, bananas, spinach, berries, chocolate, vinegar). I’m pretty convinced that I have histamine intolerance.

All blood work like complement, tryptase, autoimmune urticaria came back fine. I do have thyroid disease-both graves and hashis. My hives come all day long. Looking forward to hopefully healing and learning.

All blood tests like complement, tryptase, autoimmune urticaria come fine


Heather Derby Neufeld I try not to eat high histamine foods. I used to eat all those foods you listed and am now trying to avoid them as much as possible. Trying to only take an antihistamine at night, sometimes I can miss a day and then there’s other days that I may have to take one in the morning. I’m also trying to heal leaky gut.

Cammie Louise I’m taking them twice a day 😕

Heather Derby Neufeld Cammie Louise I sometimes have to take them twice a day and still they don’t go away.

Tamara Michelle I too have hashimotos and have been dealing with hives for 6 years. Prayers yours goes away quickly.

Cammie Louise I would lose my mind if it is 6 years. I’ve already half lost it!!! Did you change your diet?

Tamara Michelle Cammie Louise I’ve tried everything. I did a diet change for about 2 months and didn’t notice anything but I’m going to try again. They said gluten free is best for hashimotos or a Paleo diet.

Cammie Louise Tamara Michelle I’ve been gluten free for 4 years and dairy free for 2. My thyroid labs are stable. I’m thinking it is high histamine.

Tamara Michelle Cammie Louise girl I pray for you! Please keep us updated if anything changes. My t4 levels are normal but my reverse t3 are out of control .

Claire Younger I’ve just finished jury service and my face neck and chest were covered , I’m assuming mines stress or worry related ( first time I’ve posted on here) .

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