All I get is the itching.

Not had a rash in ages as it’s controlled by medication 😢. All I get is the itching. I don’t scratch either no more. So frustrated. I think this is cause I’ve excercised but I’m not giving it up. I am prone to depression and excercise helps my mind or I will lose the plot.


CAROLYN WHITBY I rather have a happy mind. Than have nice hands anyway. That won’t go down. Usually oral steroids is the only thing that works. If I continue to get rashes then I will have to have oral steroids. I don’t like taking them thou if I’m honest.

MUKESH KUMAR But solution is only steroids?

CAROLYN WHITBY Yep. The rash reduces if I’m lucky but oral steroids cures the rashes. A 3 day course. 8 tablets a day.Perosodne.

MARY DEAN I find if I put ice packs on right away it helps nip things in the bud, or at least feels like that. It does take away the itch to ice. Keep lots of packs in the freezer. Get the little round ice packs for hands and feet. You can tuck them into socks, or hold them in place with left over taping from after a blood draw. Amazon has a box of 5 little round ice packs. Also good if you burn a finger getting things out of the oven.

CAROLYN WHITBY I’ll think of ice thanks for tip.

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