All of my previous tattoos were before I started with this hives issue

Anyone have any experience with getting tattooed with CIU? All of my previous tattoos were before I started with this issue. any insight would be appreciated, I’m only having small flares right now with the cocktail I’m on


Marlene Torris I didn’t have any issues

Mary Del Prete Thomas I have tats (between flares). Would not risk a new one during a flare. I’m on a no perfume, no makeup, no haircolor, no mani/pedi restriction. My own call can’t even use fragrant laundry detergent, shampoo or soap without a flare.

Janet Chacurian Padgett Got a new one last year without issues (but I’m on Xolair-not sure if that made a difference)

Sharon Dewstowe Me too!

RaeAnn Nelson I’ve gotten a few and have always been fine

Cristine Kreplick My tats flare up – not every bodies do, but mine get so bad bits of ink come off as scar. I won’t get any more

Marlene Chapman I normally do not have issues. I will add the last one I got a couple of months ago is still raised. Its almost like when people get scarring done. It didn’t affect my color or the tattoo and it does not itch at all.

Cat Burton-Rayer I don’t have any tats but it’s worth speaking to your tattooist about it because some won’t do it if you have the condition. If your hives are pressure activated I would likely say it’s not worth the flare.

Maggie Maye I had my first one 3 yr.s into CIU and my 2nd. one this past March no issues..

Maria Leonard My Fiancé is a tattoo artist and he will NOT tattoo me until my hives are in remission for a period of time. There is a chance the ink can cause a reaction and as a responsible tattoo artist he says NO tattoo’s

Taylor Stelly Plemer I’ve gotten 3 since my diagnosed CU. When they are finished they are really got and inflamed for a while (a few hours) but after a while they go down. Cold aquifer helps. I tried tattoo goo and I am apparently very allergic to that, made my tattoo swell up so bad I cried of pain. So just be careful what you rub in it.

Tessa Johnston Every tattoo I have (7) all were after I was diagnosed CIU &DPU , they swelled a lot right after but it was only 2-3 days of swelling for a lifetime of ink , my blacks tend to be a little raised but idk if that’s from the urticaria effecting it or not . My last one on my wrist lost a little ink however I feel that’s cause I was bending it a lot and didn’t keep it moist enough and it cracked it and some ink came out .

Zara Coghill I had one done recently while on holiday. Every other day of the holiday I flared up due to the heat, had the tattoo done the last evening and the next morning was the first day I didn’t flare up. Was strange. I didn’t have any issues with the tattoo being raised or hives effecting the area during the healing process. Now that it’s all healed have started noticing some hives pop up on the tattoo.

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