All of you who get pressure urticaria, what do you do for socks?

Hey guys, for all of you who get pressure urticaria, what do you do for socks? I get it around my ankles the worst, and I work in a restaurant, so I kinda can’t not wear ’em 😒
Also, has anyone had to deal with facial angioedema during a job interview? I got one coming up this Friday but the part I’m most nervous about is a breakout, not even the actual interview!
Thank you so much for being here guys, sorry for the question bomb


Brandy Lynn Fairchild I wear ones that are not tight around the ankles and get them as low as possible. With your job you are obviously on your feet often… being on my feet makes mine so much worse!

Suzanne Motheral I get this, particularly in the area where the band is, near the top. I cut that elastic part off. It makes some pairs a little slouchy, but that’s dealable for me. I also wear a lot of low ankle footies. Heat is also a trigger for my CU, so I need thin socks, and cotton is always best. I haven’t worn tall or knee socks in years .

Anne Watson I wear diabetes socks they have a soft grip top xx

Suzanne Motheral I had no idea. Thank you.

Kelsey Michele Tichenor Thanks for the suggestions ladies, i picked up some diabetic socks to wear tonight. Clocking in in a couple minutes, i’ll let you know how it goes . no ankle hives! 😁 You guys are awesome

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