Antihistamines are not helping in hives

Does this look like hives?

Does this look like hives? I started having them last Saturday. I’m 1 month post op from a tummy tuck. Surgeon says it looks like it’s from gym trousers I wore that day. I was also on augmentin antibiotics that usually don’t agree with me.
He doesn’t think it’s the antibiotics as the rash is localised and not generalised. I’m now off them and had this for a week, antihistamines aren’t helping.
It now seems grazed or burned on my skin opposed to the raised welts I had. I’ll post extra photos in comments too.
Edited to add I haven’t been allergic to any tape or dressings used as part or the surgery.


Hannah Louise Burton
It does yeah, but also be a reaction to the antibiotics or maybe infection

Lauren Murphy
Hana Louise Burton I’m feeling ok so I’m not thinking infection although going to chase up them doing bloods start of the week xx

Hannah Louise Burton
Lauren Murphy ahhh that’s ok then beauty.. Yeah I would, and maybe see if can change antibiotics.. Mine started from strep throat infection and antibiotics.

Hannah Louise Burton

Lauren Murphy do you have it anywhere else?? If not could be irritation maybe to, no pants for you lol

Lauren Murphy
Hana Louise Burton not anywhere else! It’s been so itchy but seems more like scabby and burnt on my skin if that make sense? X

Hannah Louise Burton
Lauren Murphy yeah total sense huni, I bet its just the irritation of the scar ans healing process

Bee Smith
I’m 18 months post tt and when I get a flare up, they are fairly localized to my scar line too

Lauren Murphy
Bee Smith do you know what set them off initially or have you always been prone to them?

Bee Smith
Lauren Murphy I’ve had hives for about 6 months. Mine are autoimmune, so I figure they show up on the scar line because of the inflammation in that area

Lauren Murphy
Bee Smith I think I’m having something similar. Hopefully I get to the bottom to it

Cathy Lynn Spencer
maybe pressure hives yes

Lauren Murphy
Cathy Lynn Spencer what does that mean?

Cathy Lynn Spencer
Lauren Murphy Swelling in the deeper layers

Tonya Wade Sheppard
Looks like pressure hives from your pants

Lauren Murphy
My trousers fitted me well but weren’t too tight, could that still cause pressure hives?

Kimberley Ann
I’ve had them on my belly before. Not because of anything I worse specific

Geanina-Kati Taune
Looks like pressure urticaria

Erica Sneider Benn
You don’t have to answer, I’m just curious how much that costs? I’ve always been interested.

Lauren Murphy
Erica Sneider Benn it varies everywhere but I was £5300 in the uk for TT.

Erica Sneider Benn
Lauren Murphy thanks. Hope your hives go away! Other wise it looks like your healing nicely.

Lu Perez Middleton
Agreed pressure uticaria.

Tracy Lewis
I think pressure urticaria as I get it and looks the same

Christy Garris Patterson
I carried a grocery bag with eggs in it on my wrist on Monday and that caused a pressure urticaria, by Friday it looked like this and felt like a bad sunburn.

Selina Mae Gallegos
I agree with everyone else on pressure urticaria.

Nicole JL
Could be from the antibiotic. I am allergic to all of them

Lauren Murphy
Nicole Blotnick does all of your skin react or only certain areas?

Nicole JL
Lauren Murphy. Haven’t been on them in years so can’t remember. Could also be from the bandage I’m allergic to the adhesive in plastic medical tape and the elastic in bandages. Had reactions to both.

Jilly Bean
I think it’s awesome that you had a tummy tuck! I think it’s probably from pressure.

Caroline Wilkinson
I get this if there’s latex in the elastic.

Hawaa Akbar
Sometimes they come to areas that had trauma such as surgery or injury

Liz King
Augmentin is a notoriously bad antibiotic for women….. I’ve only ever taken it once and will never ever ever take it again.
Have you tried a heating pad or cool pack to see if one brings relief?

Liz King
Hives are often stress related, mental and physical. I’m not sure if you can experiment gentle massage to the area with something very simple like olive oil? (Think minimal chemicals) some TLC to the site during your healing

Stacey Martin
I get hives on my c section scar all the time. I find them to be relentless when my immune system is down or I’m really stressed out

Linda Malley
I get hives around my scar from when I broke my wrist.

Gail Vertefeuille Whayne
If there are NSAIDS in the Meds. Could be that you have a reaction to them. I get pressure hives too and NSAIDS are trigger for sure!


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