Any advice would be appreciated.

I have an appointment to see an allergist/Immunologist. They want me off all allergy meds 7 days prior to my visit. Has anyone else had to do this? I can’t go a day without Benadryl and Zantac for my chronic hives. I’ve kept a diary for 4 weeks and have figured out that I get hives after every meal and I’ve been doing food elimination.

It seems like anything I eat gives me hives and upsets my tummy. I also have hashimotos and worry I have something else going on too. This makes me not want to eat at all but I’m starving. This condition has made me extremely depressed and I already deal with chronic back pain 15+ years- which caused depression so my mental health is really bad. Any advice would be appreciated.


ANNA SAM RIVERA I just stayed off Meds for 2 days I still had really bad hives

GYPSY CYNDI WIRTZ I couldn’t do it…. Thats why I suffer…i habe all of your ailments and it’s really getting to me

TONI PAYTES-BOSSERMAN I stayed off of my medications about 2 weeks before my 1st allergist appointment. It was only to be able to do skin testing accurately. I had already stopped for a week because my medications would only work for a month or so then completely stop. I’m currently on my 5th regimen. It stopped working too and I start Xolair shots tomorrow.

KEITH DORMAN My allergist intially wanted me off all antihistamines for the first appointment but I told him that was no longer possible. It wasnt neccessary as my arm blistered perfectly well with the allergy and hives tests he did.

KEITH DORMAN  I had checked myself into a psych ward for a month prior to my first appointment with my allergist because the hives were intolerable and I was very depressed and suicidal at the time. He took my hives really seriously and the medication regime we worked out makes my life tolerable once again.

TAMARA MICHELLE I have hashimotos as well and the drs all seem to think its related to that and also to leaky gut! I am super curious if removing the thryoid would help

HANH TRAN If there is a core issue that’s unresolved, it’ll show up in a different way.

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