Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

So just checking in for some advice. Katelyn has an infect cyst in a gland in her eye lid.. today the pediatrician prescribed oral keflex. I am a nervous mess worried that it’s going to cause the hives to come back. So I guess I wanted to know everyone’s experience using keflex with chronic urticaria. Also has anyone had this before? They are saying it could abscess or may have to lanced. We are trying to get in to eye doctor, the pediatrician is going to call in the morning since they told me December.. I was thinking of putting her back on Zytrec to keep the histamine level down from the antibiotics possible causing it to rise but I don’t know what’s the right thing to do. My daughter’s normal pediatrician is out due to family emergency until at least the end of the month. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Linda Lee-Willix Oh no. Poor baby. I used to get these all the time. Unfortunately, all I have ever been told to do is put hot compress on it. I would use super hot water almost scalding hot it would clear up, but she’s so little. I really have no advice, good luck. Prayers.

Paul Chopra Kristen I had these when I was a kid (40 ish years ago). 2 on my eye lid. Had them surgically removed. I don’t remember it being a big deal for me. Never had keflex.

Danielle Rae I have had keflex before with my cau. I also take zyrtec. Def call your pharmacist n ask first:) no bad effects.

Erica Renée I have had blepharitis and always have milia (not sure if similar), thank you for posting

Anne Camille Jongleux Warm compresses help ease the pain & discomfort. Keflex is one of those drugs that often people react to — and the typical reaction is hives. That doesn’t mean that it will/won’t being Katie’s hives back. If she isn’t allergic to penicillin or similar drugs in same class (there are several) I think you should feel comfortable proceeding with this rx, but you’ll need to watch closely for signs of an allergy so you can get her off it & on a different type of medicine.

Amy Davidson Bennington I get them a lot from makeup. Hot compress always works for me. Once an hour as many times a day as I can do it. Hold it on until wash rag turns cold.

Kriste Colon We have tried hot compress, in this picture of her eye it was a few days ago so not as bad, now it’s 3 times the size with green pus in her eye, actual eye is normal, on the inside of the lid its bulging thru. There is no sign of a clogged duct, eyelash pore, or even tear duct it’s literally the gland in the eyelid. Doctor said need an antibotics that would treat deep into the skin layers not topical since it wasn’t the eyes itself . I donno went down the line of possible meds I didn’t want augmentin or amoxicillin, and clindymcin is like one of the strongest antibotics they reserve for mrsa type infections. It had to be something that cover gram positive and gram negative infections. So we felt keflex was removed enough from amoxicillin. The other issue the strong the antibotics the more likely to raise histamine levels. Also instead of 2 doses a day I chose to break it up into 3 smaller doses. So for tonight I gave it to her and also gave her Zytrec to try and keep her histamine levels down. I think I will go back to giving zyrtec twice a day while on antibotics also right now she is on the Diflucan for 4 more days I am worried that once off of Diflucan but still on antibotics it will allow the yeast to come back even worse. I am so worried and not sure what to do. I am afraid of the rug of “hive free” getting pulled out from under us. Lots of prayers tonight that it doesn’t happen. Thanks everyone for once again being there for us.

Bonnie Cheever Sutherland I have had no bad side effects when prescribed keflex hope she is feeling better soon !

Murphy Muriel If it were me I’d take her to any eye doc. one that can treat ocular allergies.. I worked for an eye clinic and we always said warm compress for 20 minutes. Yes it might get a head on it, but I only saw one lanced one time and I worked in this clinic from 2003 to 2012. Also you could wash with baby Johnson and Johnson soap like the baby shampoo.. I had to do that when my eyes went crazy on me and that seemed to help. Good luck. I wish I could say that the meds you are talking about I have taken but that isn’t my care. Good luck!! Hope she heals quickly!

Roxanne Bee Use that for medication suggestions. Ketotifen eye drops are pretty amazing. There are millions of Mast cells in our eyes. This is why someone with normal allergies gets itchy red eyes. Or watery eyes. As our mast cells are over active they like to make our eyes super dry or itchy. Which can cause stys or infections. Do what ever she needs done to get through it. Praying her hives don’t return. And this infections clears quickly.

Cynthia Wigginton Please let us know how it goes. I agree with the adding more Zyrtec. I have learned to say when it comes to my CU and prescription meds is no Sulfa or NSAIDS as they both have the potential of setting me off. Plus, I may not react on the first dose or two, but as I continue taking the medication, the hives/anaphylaxis start. When I absolutely had to have that medication, I would prophylactically take high doses of Benadryl. Just some FYI.

Kriste Colon Thank you!

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