Any of you can help that would be great

everyone so this is the probiotic I was using but out of nowhere I started itching bad I usually take the probiotic gummies and had no issues could it be the this particular brand or should I just stop taking them the probiotic was working along with using vitamin d I don’t get hives all over just on my elbows but to be itching and there is nothing there oh boy thank goodness for claritan lol if any of you can help that would be great.


Abadel Nawir why using probiotic in the case of chronic hives any answers?

Anjanette Descant Barrett I found these at Walmart and have had no reoccurring hives since. Abadel Nawir the probiotics help remove bad bacteria in your gut which can throw your digestive system out of wack. Probiotics are amazing!

 I usually take the probiotic gummies

Cece Hipplewith Anjanette Descant Barrett thank you dear .

Meg Murillo Anjanette Descant Barrett Thank you for sharing this!

Nicole Stromath Be careful. There are many strains that are high histamine releasing…

Cece Hipplewith Nicole Stromath thank you .

Danielle Shapiro Abadel Nawir, Probiotics are recommended for people with hives. This might be the wrong brand for you. A lot of the hives is related to our Gut. Try extra strength culturelle! It’s really helped me.

Steve Warner Probiotics are for improving gut health. I use vsl#3 sachets which have helped my CU.

Richter Belmont Just my opinion. Don’t forget to feed your pets/probiotics, take along some raw carbs like sweet potato or potato.

Cece Hipplewith thank you very much .

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