hi Any other concoctions I can try?

Any other concoctions I can try?

Even with taking my Meds I woke up at 1am with full body hives! I’m taking Zyrtec and Ranitidine 150mg. Hydroxyzine when itching is bad. Any other concoctions I can try?!?! Almost 3 months. Past 2 days were only a few hives.


JEANNIE BRZIZINSKI BOSTLER Ugh. I’m sorry. Have you tried changing your diet? Since I’ve been on autoimmune paleo, I’ve hardly had hives, except when under stress.

BRITT SCHULDES ask about doxapin. seems to be helping my daughter, then you go off the ranitidine and it’s doxapin and xyrtec, and hydroxine when needed. it’s exhausting!

MEGAN CORNIEL-TREVINO I’ve been slowly eliminating grains in my diet as well as all sugars other than coconut sugar in my coffee. It seems to be helping. If I have a moment and eat something I shouldn’t I wake up with hives. I also have pressure hives and have read it could be linked to several auto immune disorders. I am going to be tested for these and start doing Paleo AIP.

JENNIFER SCHLUER ENDER Looks exactly like my 13 year old daughter’s. Her pediatric allergist Immunologist says to take up to 4xs the antihistamines. She still suffers daily, but some days not near as bad. She takes a singular at bedtime, Zyrtec & Allegra. We try to stay away from Benadryl but when the itching is unbearable she takes two of those to knock her out. Good luck.

AMANDA HOWSON Stinging Nettle capsules and the Nettle tea. 2 capsules in the morning with your zyrtec, then again after dinner…Drink the tea all day..The tea used to help boost the capsules and would help bring them down in about an hour..I would drink the tea about 3 times A day. I still take the capsules every day 2 times a day and only drink the tea if I know I’m going to flare or have one..Mine are few and far between now.

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