Any remedies for angiodema attacks that work?

Any remedies for angiodema attacks that work? Ive missed so much work I can’t get it under control. On prednisone but the second i try to taper off this happens. It’s been four days. I’m so stressed about it.


Lorraine Saliba solupred works for me

Lauren Carilli Schmellick 2 Zyretc work for me.

Helen McKenna Oh poor you that looms really painful as well. My consultant doesn’t let me take prednisone as she says id never get off it. I’m on a mixture of medication daily i take fexofenidine x4 , ranitidine√ó2 montelukast x1, tranexamic acid x6 and just started on dapsone once a day. I have anaphylaxis with mine so they throw everything at me. I hope u find something that worksXx

Debra Branan Shiflet Do you take antihistamines when you are on prednisone? I take my usual prescribed ones when I am on Prednisone, and between my Xolair shots. Just wondering.

Katie Huckabee Yea I do. I take Allegra and Zyrtec. Benadryl at night.

Mike Schwieters Of course you need also antihistamines in a high dos

Ann Morgan I was the same now on cyclosporine have changed my live on a 5 year course been taking it just over a year now , not good for everyone may be worth asking if you are suitable for it , good luck hun hope you find something soon

Angela Dawn Montelukast has had the biggest impact for me, happens nowhere near as much as used to have it up to 5 days a week x

Lawa CC Another for cyclosporine changed my life been hive and angio free since June. I take that along with a couple of fexofenadine daily

Emily Gallagher Cyclosporine was also a miracle drug for me.

Katie Huckabee I’m getting on xolair but not for another 7 days or so. Hoping to find a remedy to help calm this at home

Ana Garcia I am on hydroxychloroquine, an immuno suppressant. Nothing else needed so far. No hives, no swelling for almost a year now. Before that I was on 5-10 mg prednisone daily for 10 months.

Rosalyn A Jarrett-Davis I use to take that my blood pressure went sky high. I can only take Xolair now.

Nancy Mooney Michalak Tried plaquinal but it made me extremely tired and unmotivated. This was 60 mg a day. i know they wanted me to take at least 200-400 daily

Erin Jo Adair Hi Ana Garcia, would you mind sharing how long it took you on hydroxychloroquine to get to the point you are now? I’ve been on it for 45 days now and don’t yet see a change, my doctor wants me to give it at least 90 days.

Mike Schwieters You could try Zyrtec 2-0-2 Low histamine diet No alkohol

Ryan Adams For me hot hot showers or baths with be instant relief. I literally sometimes leave shower after 15 min with min. Hives. It only provides temp. Relief or just enough time for me to take prednisone. I will sometimes take scolding hot baths with oatmeal bath. I have been on prednisone frequently for a decade. Zolair helped me for 6 months but that was it. Hang in there, chin up because I look at stories on here and I am rooting for u

Mike Schwieters MAY Be Cold Temperature is the Cause of your Urticaria

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