Any suggestions on dealing with stress hives?

I have been suffering from hives for about two years now. I’m not sure what triggered the whole thing but i believe i have eliminated it to stress hives. I had a allergy panel done and i am allergic to basically everything outdoors.i really don’t believe that’s the root cause of the hives Because those allergies just create itchy eyes and asthma. I have noticed a small pattern.I work at a hospital only on weekends and do 12 hour shifts. When I’m there they seem to always pop up in stressful moments or they pop up while at home towards the end of the day.

I never have them in the morning always after 3pm. It’s the weirdest thing! I’m currently on hydroxyzine, Zyrtec,and Montelukast. Nothing seems to work except Bendryl and that’s only because it knocks me out and i sleep off the episode. I was on anti anxiety meds in the past but have recently come off them due to no energy while taking them.Ironically yesterday was my first day of not having them and i think it’s because i drank alcohol. I know it’s not because i wasn’t stressed as we just had my grandfather pass away the day before. I can’t become an alcoholic! I’ve also seen a counselor to talk to, tried creams and lotions, Bendryl spray is a joke. taking a hot shower seems to help with relief sometimes. Any suggestions on dealing with stress hives?


Caroline Pilkington Hi love this looks like dermographism

Suzi Torres Myself as well, I have calmed alot of my hives alot thru diet, I also have dermagraphism aka writing of the skin, also angioedema. I’ve tried many things as well, Xolair, Montelukast. The Xolair side effect were horrific after stopping. But found allegra 24 hour tablets worked without being sleepy all the time. I followed the Candida diet, lost 80 pounds by cleaning up my diet. You can also find a wealth of natural healing on “the natural health library” page. Currently after 2 years of hell from many medications from surgeries and bad diet, I am down to 1 allegra a week to keep from hives. Stay away from sugar. Use Stevia instead of sugar. I also take magenesium 3 x day, along with Vit C 3 x day. Diatomaceous earth 2 x day, Braggs apple cider vinegar 2 x day. Also started “concentrace” by trace minerals, collodaol silver, iodine, CBD oil. I also do organic coffee enema’s to clean up toxins and flush my liver. I feel much much better. Join the page and search the group for your ailments. Good luck

Jay N Priscilla Jones Yes clean eating no process foods. I also had to go gluten free. Time to go to the Library and read up on this. Lots of info.

Tom Hamer Try no sugar

Hana Louise Burton Eurax is amazing to help sooth and stop the itch.. I recently come off hydroxyzine and fexofendine.. went on to Cetirizine one in the morning and evening, I also had my mirena coil out.. and mine have gone near enough apart from a few heat hives now and again.. worth changing it up abit maybe

Leslie Sue Wood For temporary relief … ice packs when home will take the itch away. I did this for months. Talk to your doctor about your dosing of medication. Recommend a dermatologist. This also could be medication induced if you are on any and it does not matter if you have been on any medications at any length of time.
As hard as it is… DO NOT SCRATCH!! It only gets worse! Get ice packs even if you need a bag of frozen vegetables and put on hives! Rotate the bags. Start taking away unnecessary drinks and foods. Look at any meds. Even Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Advil, Asprin all have a common side effect of itching rash and or hives! I use none of them anymore! No pop, coffee, tea. Change has to happen if you are Chronic Uticeria “ Keep us in the know and saying


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