Anybody have solution that? I am frustrated that it’s been almost a year.

My 2 yr old starting getting hives last November. Originally the allergist thought food allergy but can’t pinpoint what kind of food. Now he thinks she is just a chronic hiver. He said he may do a auto-antibody test soon. Anybody have that? I am frustrated that it’s been almost a year and we can’t figure out the cause to try and minimize the breakouts.


MEGAN JACOBS Shame man we as adults can barely deal imagine what she must be feeling hope you find a solution

KATIE GREEN Me too. I’m here to research and get ideas on what causes others outbreaks and how they manage it. He suggested Zyrtec everyday but I just don’t want to give her meds all the time unless that is absolutely the only solution. So far though, even that doesn’t work.

LYNN LUCAS GOULD Have you tried eliminating gluten, and limiting carbs and sugar? Processed foods are also a trigger, as well as tomatoes, tomato sauces, ketchup, etc. If possible, try to keep her food homemade, and pretty bland, although I doubt a 2 year old eats much spices. Just some suggestions. Poor baby.

KATIE GREEN My husband and I talked about trying Gluten free. Velvetta set her off the 1st time. Mainly foods set it off but lip Gloss and shampoo have too. (store bought baked goods, yellow cheeses, ice cream) but we know it isn’t dairy because she was tested. Diet change seems to be common from what I’ve read on this page. I will be looking into it.

KIRI LYN GLENN Feingold might be able to help. It takes a lot of bad stuff out of the diet. We use it for behaviour problems but a lot use it for skin problems. I cheat too much to see if it helps.

LYNN LUCAS GOULD I forgot chocolate. Chocolate can be a big trigger for some.

KIRI LYN GLENN I LOVE chocolate. But it does not love me. I get the worst heart burn ever. It doesn’t mess with my hives but omg the heartburn is awful

KIM MAC DONALD SHEPHERD Salicylates, Nickel, Oral Allergy Syndrome, Citrus? My son would react to foods that had Cinnamon (which is in Fragrance Mix Allergy) . He would get red around his mouth.

MEGAN JACOBS It’s even harder here in cape town people and doctors don’t really have much knowledge. I phoned a pharmacy once to hear if they had the meds I needed and the pharmacist asked what it was for and when I said chronic hives he actually asked me what’s that…seriously

NICOLE SICO GUIDA My daughter started getting chronic hives at 2. She’s now 5 and the longest we’ve been med free and hive free is 11 months. We were also told that she will eventually be diagnosed with some sort of auto immune disease when she reaches her teenage years. We’ve traveled far and have seen many drs. They all agree” good luck!


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