Anybody heard of this?

They are back for good. I started having these about three years ago. First, it was mostly around the thighs. Ton of prescribed meds made it go away for a bit but eventually sort of came back and went away and 6 months later it spreaded to my entire body excluding my scalp and I was on prescribed meds again which this time made them go away for 2 years.

( There were couple of times I had small red spots on my arm but it did not spread and went away after few nights alone. Nothing too serious.) But it seems like now they are back for good. The doctors seem clueless, I honestly don’t know what more I can do. Started on my left feet then the right feet, creeped all the way to my thighs and I’m on the freaking prescribed meds and it’s spreading to my arms now. I have hashimoto’s and believe this is autoimmune disease related. The dermatologist did mention something like hypersensitivity vasculitis? Which is also an autoimmune thing? Anybody heard of this?

hives on my all body


Linda Frigo McDaris OMG….I thought my hives looked bad but yours are much bigger than mine. I feel your pain. I’ve been hive free for over a year and am now having a flare up on my knee and elbow.

Dave Dev what more you can do is research LDI/LDA immuno therapy. Finding your trigger and curing it.

조수현 Dave Dev I will definitely look into it. Thank you

Julie Graham Chapman Mine had been with me only 5 months (still too long for any of us) Then allergist started me on HUGE does of prednisone this past Monday. Kept them away for a week. I’m not even done with all of the prednisone 😱 Yippee. Not.

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