Anybody try L-Lysine?

Any idea of how much to take?

Anybody try L-Lysine?
Someone in my fasting group told me her husband cured his hives taking a high dose for a month, but he didn’t recall how much he took.
Reading the Amazon reviews it seems that the stuff is miraculous for preventing herpes and cold sores, so I can see how it could possibly work on hives.
Has anybody tried it? Any idea of how much to take? The bottle says 500mg twice a day, but then we always take things in mega doses don’t we lol!


Sarah Elizabeth
Sounds weird but I give it to my cat to boost his immune system. Lots of vets swear by it and seems to work for him. He has a chronic respiratory issue

Abby Hanson
Have taken it for years for cold sores. It is miraculous for cold sores. Nothing for hives. Was on it and left remission.

Lori Wolff
Abby Hanson sorry it didn’t help your hives, but there are probably many different causes of hives, maybe it will work for some of us….

Elise Rappoport
Interesting. My only worry is that LDN stirred my immune system up a bit too much so I generally avoid anything that says it’s going to boost my immune system. I seem to be better on endoca cannabis extract or cbd oil

Anne Camille Jongleux
CU is a sign of a overactive immune system, not an under functioning one. I have taken this for cold sores to help heal – a process that requires histamine so antihistamines in bad cases are used to help with the resulting itch. So I am doubtful that it would be useful for most with CU and I certainly wouldn’t start with a mega dose.

Lori Wolff
Anne Camille Jongleux oh interesting, thank you!


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