anybody wants to join me??

After a flu shot I got hives along with angioedema and the flu and it never went away..joint pain, fatigue, nasal congestion even got asthma now and right along all that Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria is continuing now its been three and half years of misery with taking corticosteroids like Prednison which is really not doing me good, so now on Xolair and that helps a bit..otherwise doctors are helpless. They call it Autoimmune disorder..I call big BS..the vaccinations can harm some people..Pharmaceutical business is so powerfull..they will never admit any connection even that it is sooooo obvious. I have talked to a lawyer and most likely will be filing a law suit soon..anybody wants to join me??


 Angela Hall Bailey I’m so sorry!

Jacob Kalensky Yeah my first flu shot ever.this is the result..before I was completely healthy man doing sports I cant even go to work when I want to

Angela Hall Bailey Jacob Kalensky Mine is mild right now. I didn’t get a flu shot this year. I have in the past though so it could be connected.

Jacob Kalensky I am sure this has a connection.been talking to lots of people we here are not the only once that got problems connected to a flu shot.

Paula Rigley ive read on these sites that the flu shot is a big no no.

Jacob Kalensky Yeah my first flu shot ever .this is the result..before I was completely healthy man doing sports I cant even go to work when I want to..

Anna Cole Get your tpo antibodies checked and also asked them to check for lupus. The flu shot might have triggered your autoimmune disease to come out. I’ve been diagnosed with hashimotos disease. Please ask for those 2 tests. Autoimmune diseases have names you need to know which one you have so action can be taken.

Paula Rigley There was a person that had hashimotos and recovered from it which was posted on the medical medium site. X

Jennifer Mignanelli Halahurich I have positive thyroid antibodies and a positive ANA for Lupus but my dr says I don’t have either of those I have auto immune hives and angio edema. With no known cause. Ya well why is my body attacking itself? There has to be a cause.

Anna Cole Jennifer change your doctor. If your tpo antibodies are high you have hashimotos if you are positive for lupus then you need start treatment. You need a good endocrinologist. I’m starting the AIP diet it has helped a lot of people.

Jennifer Mignanelli Halahurich Thanks. I’m trying my regular dr, endo and immunologist all day that my numbers aren’t bad enough to give me a diagnosis and start treatment. I want to go to a natural dr but I just don’t have the money

Anna Cole Jennifer I know they are expensive. There are good endos out there. You have to wait to get in but it’s worth it. If you don’t mind please post your lab results for the thyroid panel they ran.

Leslie Ann Schwarzer Jacob, I ended up on a round of prednisone which took care of it for about three months, at which time it came back with a vengence. Prednisone always does that (at least for me). In some ways it’s almost not worth it. Finally had success with a cocktail of the following: Singulair, Wellbutrin, Xyzal, and Atarax. Over the years, I’ve been able to wean myself down to a 1/2 tablet (5mg) of OTC Cetirizine (generic Zyrtec) from Walmart. If I don’t take it, I’m digging and scratching 24/7 within 24-36 hours. Pretty frustrating, but it is what it is right now.

Jacob Kalensky Thanks for input

Leslie Ann Schwarzer Jacob Kalensky I should say that I took that cocktail of meds every day–not just when I had an outbreak.

Paula Rigley I don’t take anything. I’ve suffered since about 8 years old. When I get an outbreak if I’m dead bad then I will take something. Usually I have triggers but then a lot of the time it’s to do with what I eat. That’s why I follow them other sites.
It’s all down to food. The body full of toxins. I can’t stress enough of how useful following the medical medium will be. He does comment on posts to.

Natasha Maria Jacob have you tried going to see a nutritional therapist or environmental medicine doctor? Your body has obviously reacted to something in the vaccine, it is not impossible that with the right guidance you can find your way back to health. There is always a way. If you tell me your rough area I may be able to recommend someone.

Jacob Kalensky Thank you however i live in the Czech Republic right now

Tammy Thomas Suire I’ve never missed a flu shot til this year. Caught the flu almost died. But seeing this terrifies me now. I’ve never had issues. It’s never made my hives worse. My hives were not caused by flu shot but now I’m scared to take the shot. This is not good

Wendi Lee I’m so sorry you had such a horrible reaction. I’ve had Urticaria since 2001, getting somewhat better. This year I had a reaction from the flu shot for the first time!!! My symptoms thank God only lasted about a month. I also had a reaction to the Xolair shot. Hope the Xolair can break this for you..

Jodi Burwick Franklin You very likely have an MTHFR genetic SNP. I do (homozygous-both sides of my family). It makes you more likely to store toxins. Vaccines have toxins like mercury. I had CU for 19 years and have been in remission for 8 years. See a good functional medicine practitioner (that’s what I do now) and get to the root cause of your urticaria and help you detox. I hope you feel better soon.

Jacob Kalensky Thanks

JR Ehrenberg-Tory Jacob Kalensky Genetic testing – try to get Whole Genome Sequencing. If you cannot get that, get Whole Exome Sequencing. Definitely see a Mast Cell Specialist.

JR Ehrenberg-Tory I get like that too. Have you had ALL of the tests done to diagnose Mast Cell Activation Syndrome OR Mastocytosis? I have been doing the labs & Tryptase was normal, but Prostaglandin D2 was high. I recently had a horrible breakout of hives & a severe asthma attack & Tachycardia with it. I’m on Prednisone for 2 weeks.
Anyway, there are many more treatment options for MCAS. Have they done a biopsy of the rashes? I think you need to find a Mast Cell expert. Immunizations could have triggered yours; mine was triggered by severe stress & mold. It may help to join some of the FB Mast Cell groups

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