Anyone any tips on how I can exercise and hives go away?

Feeling really hacked of today, put a stone on since getting this condition in feb due to being on and off steroids, thought the new concoction of meds doc put me on where working so started back a the gym last week, woke up covered from head to toe, really had enough of this controlling my life, also terrified of going on holiday incase I flare up really bad, anyone any tips on how I can exercise and go away?


Jennifer Smyth I’m the same, was on my feet doing an 8 hr shift on Saturday and couldn’t walk on my left foot afterwards due to the swelling, it’s so depressing

Julie Houston When I have plans for something important, I make sure I take my prednisone with me. If all else fails, I’ll take a dr. recommended burst of it to get me through. Although its not the best thing to do, I do enjoy my life and friends and family when I am almost hive free. I then have to deal with the misery of the hives when I wean off the steroids. The memories made are more important than the suffering, though. Hang in there. I look much like you.

DeAnne Boroff Swimming?

Julia Fontera I have stopped all exercising this condition has ruined my life it’s not fair. I used to hike and bike and go to the gym and swim now i just watch TV and relax when I am not working. It has paralyzed me. I am so sorry Jennifer our disease effects such a small percentage that they have not done enough studies on CU. Feel better and let’s hope maybe with the right meds working out will be fun again.

Donna Sanford have you taken vit D.

Jennifer Smyth I hope so, back seeing the specialist on 1st October so will see what combo they give me next, I loved working out and was pretty proud of body id created now I just feel miserable, bad when you can’t keep fit without getting ill

Julia Fontera I know its so frustrating

Rachel Rae DiSalvo For me it took a few weeks of consistent early morning workouts to level off the hives. The adrenaline I released during exercise really helped me throughout the rest of the day but the first week – week 1/2 was rough because my body was sort of alarmed by all the activity, soreness and pressure. I avoided push-ups and anything with extreme pressure. I also substituted with a very plush or soft yoga mat under my knees and hands.

Jennifer Smyth Been taking vitamin D for past 2weeks doesn’t seem to be helping so far

Gigi Llorin Wait! Are you guys saying exercise induces the hives?

Jennifer Smyth Yes for me exercise, heat, pressure on skin, stress tbh everything seems to trigger it

Clare Emma Furlong I would like to know any advice on this one. I ignore my hives as much as I can and swim 3x a week. Swimmimg doesnt help the hives but it also doesnt seem to make it worse. I have just returned from a weeks holiday in the sun. Well I say sun. I spent most of the time in the shade as the sun and sea really made my hives worse

Gigi Llorin I exercise 5 days a week spin, zumba, step and body pump (weights) could that be what’s brining this on? Although i’ve been doing it for years now.

Jennifer Smyth I was exercising four/five nights a week before this all started had to stop around two months ago due to being that exhausted then doc put me on new meds and I thought id cracked it, don’t get me wrong I still had this but not as severe, so started back at gym last week did two sessions, 1 on Tuesday and 1 on Friday and then went again last night and woke up feeling like I was back to square

Letrice Alexandria Walton OMG I’m so sorry I wish I had advice but idk how to keep mine under control either I just hope u find some relief soon.

Donna Sanford I take 4 Vitamin D 1000’s i really think that helped me,along with healing my gut

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