Anyone else try to see animals in their hives?

Anyone else try to see animals in their hives?! 😅I’d say this one looks like a turkey. On a positive note.. I spent hours in sun and chlorine and this is the worst hive I have! Used to be covered after a day like today. Thank you, AIP diet!


Carol Taylor Murphy Lol! I think I see Wilson, The Volleyball

Torres Morales Maria Ami me parece un sol

Ina Wood Good attitude, I will never look at mine the same again

Jo Ann Geisler Lininger Or a paw print

Maya Collins A nice little sun for the first day of summer!

Devora Yellin Fish I like to find the heart shaped one’s on my hubby. Makes me feel loved

Paul Shumway I’ve been on AIP for a week now, and still not seeing results. How long did it take you?

Shayna Worley I saw results very quickly but it can take months. Have patience with it and don’t give up! If you believe the reasoning behind why the diet works, then it’s understandable that it may take time. Hang in there!!!

Paul Shumway Thanks, will do!! If not for anything else, I lost 8 pounds in one week

Shayna Worley Right?? This is the only time I’ve changed my eating for something other than losing weight and yet I’ve lost more weight than any other diet. 15 lbs in 6 weeks!

Paul Shumway After last year’s surgeries, and all the stress of an upcoming retirement, move, house searching, and new job opportunity .I’ve definitely gained some weight. Hahaha

Melissa Monteiro The best I got is jellyfish! But I can totally see your turkey! Glad you had a good weekend by the pool

Pixie Hernandezlarot This hive looks creepy 😳 looks like a bug or something

Robin Neil Kratzer Yeah, I’ve seen a dog, a camel, and other various animals.

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