Anyone have any other suggestions? I’m up for anything

No face/lip/eye swelling.

Today is a “good day”, no face/lip/eye swelling. That’s a win for sure!🙌 Thankful to be working at home during these crazy times. I’ve had hives since 9/30/2020. Woke up & honestly had no clue what they were, had to wake up the hubs to look at them. Why do they itch so much!!😡 I’ve kept detailed notes since then about prescribed medications, foods, reactions, the ongoing doctor appointments, testing, etc. Nothing has helped. Currently on zyrtec, Pepcid, & hydroxyzine. Have taken several steroids, including taper packs & 1 shot (which provided relief for a whopping 24 hours🙄). Allergist appt set, but won’t do any testing bc on anti-histamine, but says to keep taking them while “broke out”. Ummmm…. every day is a “break out”! How do y’all do 5 days with no relief leading up to that??? Had labs done, see the doc tomorrow for results. So hoping something is wrong to give some perspective to this awful thing. Did my own blood allergy & food sensitivity testing through an independent company. Allergic to Birch, and lots of food sensitivities. So at least that’s a place to start. Did low-histamine diet for 2 weeks, nothing changed, so I stopped. But I’m back on it as of yesterday and determined to stick with it! Also did an online DNA check through GenomePalate, it tells you exactly what you should be eating and how much of it daily based on your DNA markers. Also gives a complete breakdown of what vitamins/supplements would be best. It was super informative. So basically, low-histamine diet to exclude the now known food sensitivities and focusing on the ones that are best based on DNA. My OCD self has started an Excel sheet with all this information/data! There’s so much to learn! Putting my education hat on for sure!👩🏼‍🎓
Anyone have any other suggestions?! I’m up for anything!♥️


Jessica Williams
Good luck! I’ve done low histamine and didn’t help me. All of my labs are perfectly normal. I tend to do better when I’m stay away from inflammation causing foods but other than that, no clue what mine are from 🤷‍♀️. Keep in mind that when you quit a food/drug it takes a full 6 weeks to completely leave the body.

Ashlea Wesley
Jessica Williams definitely good to know about the 6 weeks! I know that tJessica Williams definitely good to know about the 6 weeks! I know that time is going to be the most difficult part of this, there is no quick fix to the root cause for sure. If you don’t mind me asking, which inflammation causing foods do you eliminate the most? And, do you continue to have hives? I find it absolutely crazy that there could no underlying cause (or at least one not detected). Healthcare has advanced so much, I would have thought there would have been a better way. It seems that providers mostly push it to the side and answer with prescriptions & “oh, it will go away”.

Laurie Anez
Jessica Williams hormone?? Mine is in sync with my cycle every month

Hawaa Akbar
Jessica Williams stay with the diet changes

Rebecca Ibrom
What supplements are you on? I’ve found Quercetin and Vit D3 as mast cell blockers really helpful! I take Loratadine for the itch, and and rub this cream on my hives which helps the fade.
May be an image of text that says ‘LOCOID® PRESCRIPTION 100g 100 CREAM Ivdrocortisone butyrate LPOCRFAM°0.1 0.1% mg/g MEDICINE KEL by Apply Store physic LEO below’

Ashlea Wesley
Rebecca Ibrom I’ve recently been researching quecertin. I’ve been taking D3 daily & my vitamins D levels on labs this week was normal.

Deanna Casamatta Watts
I did a 28 day juice fast and they finally went away

Marcie Huber
Ive found that my hard water causes me outbreaks so I have to keep the water softener functioning. Also, I make sure my clothes are double rinsed and do not use fabric softener. And definitely no tide laundry soap. It causes me the worst hives of all the laundry soap I’ve tried. I take Allegra in the morning and Claritin before bed and that combination seems to work pretty good.

Tonya Wade Sheppard
My hives are triggered by stress. Could be something that may have triggered yours. I wake up one morning and I have hives. I have had them now since 2017. I could wake tomorrow and they could be gone. No rhyme or reason. 🤦🏻‍♀️ when I have them I’m allergic to a lot of things and when they go I’m no longer allergic to the same things. Wet strange

Staci Sorensen
I’m so sorry!! Mine came randomly after 8 months with an IUD. As soon as I got it out they went away. Any chance it could be an IUD or birth control of any sort?

Nermo Kalico
Mine have no pattern that I can find. I have cut so much out of diet but to no avail.

Leanne Robertson
My 6yo daughter has similarly woken up one day with while body hives end of Sept 2020. No previous health issues.
Tonight we have started Singulair (montelukast-hoping to avoid any side effects!) hoping to get rid of her hives and asthmatic wheeze she’s had the past month or so…. (she’s just like her father needing Ventolin at times probably due to pollens). We live in Australia- different environmental conditions with high hayfever (allergic rhinitis) season currently.
We’ve tried lots of treatments and continuous antihistamines.
Best of luck x

Patricia Vivienne
Intermittent fasting. I was covered scalp to soles of feet swelling so bad skin would split and bleeding. Nothing was working. Then I introduced Intermittent fasting. Immunologist says I’m now in remission. I’m not strict anymore with fasting and now get one or a few maybe hives a day.

Tracy Potter
Have you had your vitamin d levels checked?

Ashlea Wesley
Tracy Potter I have. All normal😔

Theresa Kramer Gabica
Take more D. I went to 15,000iu along with montelukast and antihistamines (I rotated between Xyzal, Zyrtec & Allegra), plus an antacid (also rotated brands). After 22 months of daily hives and 6 months of increased Vitamin D, they stopped. (Just as I was finally approved for Xolair!)

Theresa Kramer Gabica
Sugar and heat were my biggest triggers. Hives have been gone almost 3 years but sugar still makes my body itch.

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