Anyone have experience with these blisters before?

Hi. . . can’t see my doc this week, due to the holiday, and i am loathe to see anyone else (they don’t really do anything to help anyway). I’ve been in a rough flare for about a week or so as I’ve been battling a sinus infection. Migrating hives but nothing unusual until i woke up today with a hivey, swollen hand with what look like blisters. I’ve not had this before. I currently take zyrtec, ranitidine, benedryl and doxepin (just finished ampicillin for the sinus infection, never had an issue with it before). Anyone have experience with these blisters before? Any tips for relief since i can’t see my doc in the immediate future? These things hurt!


Faye Ridlehoover-Pepper Ouch! Hope they clear up soon!

Jaime Bundy do you ever get eczema? it might not be but the eczema I get on my hands is like small blisters. you might find sudocrem or e45 some relief for the blisters at least. personally if it isn’t usual for you I would get it looked at. Ice cold water helps me when my hands or bad from hives or eczema. keep taking ur normal meds and maybe an aspirin or ibruperfen to help with the swelling. hope it cleans up for you soon

Diana Crowley Uhlaender That was one of the first places I got hives and they stayed their for months before moving to my legs. I used frozen vegetable packs.

Shawn Tellez Looks like staph infection. ?

Diane Robinson I suffered like that before I got my Xolair shots. Keep ice packs on it and try a cream called Serna it’s in the first aid aisle at the drugstore , I hope that helps you I feel your pain

Dawn Murray I’ve had similar on hands and face, fuciibet or basic steroid cream usually help. Good luck x

Angie Colt Hultgren I really feel for you!!!!!! I feel your pain too. Hope it clears soon.

Heather Stancel I noticed that someone recommend aspirin/ibuprofen to help with swelling. Be careful with this. I know for a lot of us any kind of NSAID just makes things worse. Hope it clears soon.

Diane Robinson The only thing I can take for pain now is tylenol I’m allergic to ibuprofen motrin

Heather Stancel Yep. Had my first (and hopefully last) episode of anaphylaxis due to ibuprofen. I’ve had chronic hives nearly my entire life and it wasn’t until I had anaphylaxis that my doctor thought to tell me that NSAIDS are best avoided by people with a history of chronic hives. Made me so mad.

Angie Colt Hultgren Heather I also had anaphylaxis with ibuprofen when I was younger. Scary. Stupid hives!! I did not know that people with chronic hives should avoid ibuprofen until your post. I just quit taking it 15 years ago after episode.

Heather Stancel Angie, I’ve made it my personal mission to make people aware. It is such a simple thing to avoid. Makes me crazy that no doctor, especially my allergist, thought to warn me against all NSAIDS.

Cristine Kreplick I have had those and I’m the same way in my sleep .I even cut my nails and wore gloves. Keep moisturized, lots of water and don’t over do the Benadryl!

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