Anyone have hives due to this? What helped?

Anyone develop chronic urticaria after the birth of a child? I have allergies, but have never experienced hives until after the birth of my baby. My doctor thinks that there is a hormonal and allergy component to the hives, but from what I’ve read about postpartum hives, they usually resolve in 6-8 weeks. I’ve had them for about 14 weeks. Anyone have hives due to this? What helped?


ALISON RANDALL Some people develop hives or have changes in hives with puberty or pregnancy since it can be linked to hormones for some people.

LYNN LUCAS GOULD I think that whatever triggers our hives, for whatever reason, the key is finding out what will work for your hives. Read deep into the threads of this page, and you will find some excellent ideas on what others have found to be helpful. My best advice would to say that which ever route you take to healing, please give it some time to work. This condition doesn’t clear up overnight, sometimes, not even over the course of several nights. It can take up to a few months to get a handle on this, so please hang in there 

SAM HUGHES I have hives my children are 12 and 9 and I got it a few years ago . And I have never had allergies before . Now I seem allergic to everything lol

LAURA CRISP KETCHIE Kids really do change everything!

LYNN LUCAS GOULD Lol! Yes, having kids does change everything. As far as allergies go, it is rather common to develop allergies as we get older, it has to do something with our immune system getting weaker as we age. Your hives may, or may not be the result of an allergy, but you are correct when you say that once you start reacting with hives, it seems that we react to every, and anything

LINDSEY SCHEER Yes!! I just left my dermatologist this morning. She is leaning towards autoimmune progesterone dermatitis which has to be confirmed by a skin prick allergy test. And I can’t seem to find an allergist that will do it.

KATIE KATIE Mine started during my first pregnancy. I’ve struggled with them on and off for 12 years now. The thing I have discovered this year that helps me so much is Benadryl cream!!!! It’s been literally a game changer for me.

LYNN LUCAS GOULD I’m so glad that it’s working for you! Please be cautious when using the cream though that you’re not taking the oral form of Benadryl with it.

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