anyone knows how you can determine if it’s either one of the reasons?


Hi everyone. I have never had a hives breakout as bad as the one I got 3 days ago. I had 1 episode 15 years ago that was very mild. 3 nights ago I woke up out of my sleep and itchy all over with hives all over my legs and arms. I took 2 Benadryl and they went down. The following night it happened just before I went to sleep! This time the Benadryl did not work and continued throughout the evening and next day. Went to doctor and gave me cetirizine. This seems to have calmed the hives down. I’m reading that it’s virtually impossible to find out the cause. I have no known allergies. Just at tail end of sinus infection and was on amoxicillin which I have taken plenty of times with no reaction. Doctor is saying it’s other viral or stress related. Just wondering if anyone knows how you can determine if it’s either one of the reasons?


ALISON RANDALL Get tested for an autoimmune cause if you haven’t already. There’s a blood test called an ANA screen that will tell you if it’s autoimmune. You can also get tested for some specific autoimmune conditions like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. I have a non-specific autoimmune hives so they’re autoimmune, but I don’t have a specific autoimmune condition like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. If it is autoimmune, find a good rheumatologist. Good luck!

LISA BENARD CHRISTENSEN Can you order your own tests somehow in canada? Anyone know how much they would cost?

SAMMY TJ My toddler started breaking out in hives in August after taking amoxicillin for almost a week and is still breaking out daily. Ive spoken to others where they had taken amoxicillin before no issues but the last time caused a delayed reaction. My personal completely non scientific thought in our case is that its either an allergy or it wiped out so many good bacteria in the gut that his body cant handle a lot of things anymore which is causing the hives. Our situation is different with him being a kid, having an egg allergy, and having tested positive on his blood work for some other allergens esp dust mites. But am sharing bc in looking for support a lot of adult folks shared they reacted to amoxicillin even after having taken it previously with no issues.

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