Anyone recognise this hives allergy ?

All over. Not the usual urticaria and eczema I get. Being fobbed off by GP who said was infection but just use calamine lotion.
Shall try and get a dermatology appt – this has got worse as week has gone ok and is ALL over my body – head to toe.
I’ve not even had an hours sleep over night tonight because of it and my skin is so hot and sore to touch – and stinging even without touching.
My consultants can’t decide between urticaria and eczema generally and with this on top of usual skin probs I’m at my wits end!


Liz King That doesn’t look like hives but what do the rest of the Hive gurus think?

Helen Austin Do you think it could be a skin infection or something then. X

Liz King Helen Austin I genuinely don’t know but if your current doctors aren’t being proactive, find new docs. Doctors that fob you off are a dime a dozen, you clearly need some help precious lady. But read these pages, do research etc but you look like you need a medical advocate. I wish you peace and solutions.

Helen Austin I’m in the Uk so finding new doctors isn’t easy – unless you go privately and I can’t afford that as we don’t have an insurance system here in the same way x

Liz King Helen Austin squeaky wheel gets the grease don’t settle in silence if you’re not getting appropriate care. Find the avenue to escalate the care you need

Jennifer Christensen I used to get a rash like that from hot and cold temps but it was hives related for me. Maybe try aloe lotion

Jess Hanna On the GP issues – It took me ages to find a really good doctor at the surgery I was registered at. Sometimes it’s luck of the draw, as it seems there isn’t a lot of consistency when it comes to appointment allocations between different practices. Hoping whoever does your callback is different from previous doctors you’ve seen and is helpful. That being said, in certain instances it may be possible to self refer to particular services, so that may be worth looking into. By the way, have you tried an antimicrobial lotion?
The GP who finally helped me was actually the doctor who had been assigned as my GP since I had registered at that surgery a few years before!

Helen Austin Thanks
Sadly my call back today will be from a Dr I don’t hold much respect for.
My GP (named one too) is great but on holiday and no appts before the one I had booked on 16tb anyway).
Seeing dermatologist Monday so will have to hold out till then if dr today no help.Not heard of antimicrobial lotion – can you get that from any pharmacies?

Jess Hanna I think it’s over the counter, Dermol is one of the brands and it’s maybe £5 for a decent amount. Mine was prescribed but might be worth calling up a pharmacy or asking on the call with the doctor.
Edit: it is OTC, £10-11 for a large bottle, linked below

Cammie Wendling I have other skin issues as well, best way is to have a dermatologist biopsy one.. I currently deal with Grovers disease as well.. best of luck

Helen Austin Thanks so much everyone.Gp lovely and went ouch as soon he saw me.Multiple things going on – so a ridicolous flare of urticaria and execma happening with newish symptoms he thinks is urticaria but need to talk to dermatologist about that BUT I also have an infection and follilitis or whatever it’s called.He said there’s multiple things which is contributing to the misery.He said wasn’t surprised I was at my wits end.Got steroids and antibiotics four times a day to hopefully calm it down.I feel I’ve been listened to and looked at properly which is something xx

Elizabeth Perz So happy it worked out for you, it makes a huge difference to have a plan for an approach to the situation. Hope things begin to improve quickly.

Helen Austin Thank you – when I posted last night o was at my wits end with this all over and was so itchy and painful

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