Anyone’s hives flare up when they sleep

I would always wake up the worst but I would also get them randomly throughout the day

Anyone’s hives flare up when they sleep, and wake up covered, but then they seem to go away throughout the day? I’ve had hives since I was 9 (I’m 24 now) and the last two years I was completely hive free and they just went away on there own with no meds. Now they’re back, as of the last few months.
I remember previously I would always wake up the worst but I would also get them randomly throughout the day.
Is there a connection between what our bodies go through while sleeping and why that causes a flare up? I know cortisol levels (stress/adrenal glands) spike at night but I’ve been working on repairing my adrenal glands with a naturopath and so far no relief.
I’m currently working on detoxing and healing my gut as I suspect I have Leaky Gut and/or Sibo or Candida. I have lots of the other symptoms, so If anyone has had success with that let me know!


Lacey Lopez
Mine always come out in full force overnight and I wake up covered. My doc says everything-no matter what ailment- is always worse at night and I shouldn’t be surprised by that 🤷🏼‍♀️ I haven’t been able to figure out anything as a trigger. I’ve done complete allergy tests and food sensitivity tests and I have nothing that I’m allergic or sensitive to. Good luck!

Elizabeth Gerardi
Lacey Lopez no allergies/triggers here either! That’s strange that everything is worse at night there must be a reason for that! Have you looked into Leaky Gut/Sibo/Candida. Really hopeful this is what is causing it. I have lots of other symptoms like constipation, difficulty losing weight, etc. just started natural supplements and diet changes to heal my gut. 🤞🏻

Lacey Lopez
Elizabeth Gerardi I haven’t yet, but I’m definitely going to. I’m still new to this, my hives started in July and my docs are just now starting to label them chronic so I’m hoping for more blood tests soon

Elizabeth Gerardi
Lacey Lopez good luck! Since I was nine all my tests came back “normal” but lots of doctors I think just don’t know what to look for/ are so used to just treating the symptoms (i.e antihistamines) instead of finding the root cause.
I’ve been reading a lot on and she says “your gut is the gateway to your health” it makes sense if the lining of gut is “leaky” that what we eat is leaking out and affecting our skin. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ll keep you updated if it helps me!

Lacey Lopez
Elizabeth Gerardi yes please do! Thanks I’ll take a look!

April Willis
Mine do this too. That’s why I hate mornings. 😕 I thought it might be my bedding at first but changing the fabric did nothing.

Elizabeth Gerardi
April Willis same, Ive been sleeping without any clothes on just to reduce the most amount of friction possible. Not that it really helps

Soren J Ateri
Mine started only at night…. But we found out my trigger was polyurethane aka memory foam. So that’s why I would die at night

Julie Noe
Every night. Your cortisol level drops when you sleep lowering your threshold for hives. Its a cruel joke that you are guaranteed not to sleep due to your body’s natural rhythm.

Allie Rivest
Mine get way worse at night when I’m laying in bed! I have no clue why.

Claire Pedersen
Mine started at night and eventually we worked out I have pressure hives. Always came up on my front thighs, stomach and inner arms and I sleep on my front. Never on my back. So its my own body weight causing them

Diane Putis Heiland
I woke every morning to hives. It was miserable. Started low histamine diet. Took 4 months to lower the histamine bucket. Eventually went from a day here and there w no hives, to days in a row, to week at a time, to no more morning hives. Certain foods do trigger, so I stay inside the diet guidelines. It made a difference…. but this group enforces the concept that everyone is different.

Julie Alfrey
Have you tested for dustmite allergy? My daughters doctor said it’s common to wake up with hives in that instance & I bought anti allergy bedding too mattress protectors all helped. She has mast cell / urticaria & house dust mite allergy

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