Anything tell me solution to stop the itching

My hives made their appearance over a year ago when I started nursing school. I’ve been to an allergist and he didn’t test me for anything, just told me that it’s “just stress” 😒. Over the past two weeks my breakouts have been the worst they have ever been, but I think it’s because of some major stressors in my life recently. My hives come and go and sometimes I don’t break out for weeks/months. I’m so miserable and absolutely hate going out in public. I have Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, but my endocrinologist says that it’s not related. For a long time I thought I was alone and I’m relieved to find other people who know what it’s like. If you have any advice for me I’d appreciate it very much!!


I have Hashimoto’s as well and I just dropped my Endo. My allergist says there is a connection but he refused to say so. I’ve had my hives for about a year. The only thing so far has been Vitamin D. I was severely low and when I took supplement I had zero hives. Other than that, it’s pretty much why I am here too. Good luck to u

Thyroid is definitely related! I have hashimoto’s too & food triggers. It is bullcrap that it is caused by stress, but stress can exacerbate it & be a trigger for me.

Some have found a low histamine diet to be helpful. It’s not a cure, but can help manage the severity of the flares. I myself think stress can make them worse, but there’s no really getting around stress. I didn’t see an improvement in my condition until I changed my diet. You might want to check out Leaky Gut, interesting information on many conditions.

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