Apple cider do not get immediate results on hives, but it is good for you.

When I went to the Naturopath 2 weeks ago she spent over 2 hours collecting my history. She came up with a plan and I left with a bag full of supplements and instructions. Day 4 after off prednisone I had some pressure hives, and a few breakthrough ones on other days, but so far I am taking this as a good start. I thought I would introduce you to some of her recommendations this week.
The first being apple cider vinegar. This one is all about restoring your gut health. 1/2 tsp in cup of water 15 minutes before each meal. I think she is working me up to higher dosagevvas when she first gave me the instructions I told her that I would gag at just the smell. She came back with Nervinum. One drop on my tongue, 2 times a day to work on my vagus nerve. She had me start with just smelling the apple cider, I can now drink in water. I was just doing morning, but plan to add more this week.
If you Google you will find many other benefits of apple cider, so even if you don’t get immediate results on hives, it is still good for you.


Nicole Carrie This confuses me as they say any vinegars are high in histamines so I have nixed my ACV out of my daily regimen

Keith Dorman ACV is an exception its actually a natural antihistamine.

Nicole Carrie Keith Dorman This is good to know thank you

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