Battle story with hives

I hope our story and experience can keep other.

Hi everyone!! It’s been awhile but think of everyone here very often… not sure if anyone remembers our daughter and her battle with hives but I had to come and give an update and spread some hope!! So a Katie has been able to maintain hive free for 2.5 years now.. it sometimes tries to come back but since finding the source (yeast overgrowth in the intestines) and the treatment (14 days of Diflucan) she stays hive free. Even with illness and lots of antibiotics due to being immune compromised. She has been sick a lot since starting school but we have manage to keep the balance. Never given up keep digging for answers and keep trying new treatments. Yeast is a major cause of hives and finding a doctor who knows about leaky gut, yeast overgrowth manifesting as hives, and more has helped our baby girl! Thank you all for your support and ideas when we were deep in the battle. We will never forget!! She still has all the cards she has from her birthday and stuff toy all the way from Australia thanks to the very kind and loving people in this group. I hope our story and experience can keep other.


Sophie Hastings
Thanks for this! I thought mine might have been from a candida overgrowth in my GI track and I had SEVERAL doctors tell me that wasn’t a thing. I did a 7 week candida diet anyway, and the hives still remain. Back to the drawing board. But this is SO IMPORTANT for the medical industry to be aware of!!

Jen Foglia
Ive dealt with horrible hives for a year now. After many drs I did research and asked for a parasite test which came up positive. Im currently doing a parasite/yeast cleanse and for the first time in a year I woke up with only one or two hives where I would usually wake up with hundreds.

Kath Mariano

Hi Jen! What Dr specialist has checked you with parasite test?

Denise Warrell
Glad things are better for your daughter and family!!!!

Jill Blakeman
So pleased she’s better, and gives all us sufferers hope. Thanks for sharing x

Susan Belloni
Sooo great to hear the good news from you and Katie! It will cheer many parents struggling with this for their children. I was one of the people who sent a card. xo

Kriste Colon
Susan Belloni thank you so much!!! I remember and she still reads them

Angela Smith
Great news and such a beautiful little girl!! Xx

Neecee TW
Thank you for sharing this. Glad she’s recovered. 💖

Valarie Soto Buress
Such wonderful news. Yes definitely
We all have to heal our guts

Rain Phoenix Rae
the best update ive read!!it really makes my day! God bless

Ann Margaret Mole
Havnt read all the posts but do hope your baby stays give free and well xx

Margaret Phoenix
Oh my Gosh you shared a very good news it might help many in here ,
My son was on lots of antibiotics, that make sense his normal intestinal flora is disturbed by antibiotics and overgrown candida and hives …

Margaret Phoenix
So happy for you guys , my son is battling same he is 6
, will ask doctors about it …

Melissa Zoccola-Cucchiara

Jane Klug
She is so beautiful. So happy for you. Thanks for sharing

Betania Tilhe
Thanks for sharing!!!! She’s so cute!!! Blessings for her!!!

Jan Maher
Great news.

Amy Beaudoin Catlin
So happy for her!

Joyce Rosenblatt
She looks super. So very happy for you all.

Ann Margaret Mole
Glad she e is keeping well. X

Viviana Vive
Vivian Delaluz

Kriste Colon
Thank you everyone for your warm thoughts and wishes. I recognize some names from the beginning and so happy this update has reached you as it was all of you that help us from the moment this all started for our baby. I will say it took a few treatments with a break in between and prednisone in between to calm her immune system response which was the hives. So it was diflucan 14 days, prednisone, then diflucan 14 days again space over 8 weeks. After that we just need it here and there to maintain. I will say detox baths, vitamin C add to bath water and vitamin D levels are very important. Also probiotics! Florastor helps to maintain health yeast levels and a good ten strain like Klaipeda labs is super important. Also for those with sensitivities seeking health makes really great products and you can get certain probiotics or allergy meds from them that help. Castor oil (Jamaican type) really helps when a applied directly to skin. Hope all this really help those in need!! All our love and healing wishes to everyone here. You are not alone hang in there and keep fighting!

Judy Kuhn
That is wonderful news!

Melody Matthews
Of course I remember her! She has grown so much since then. So awesome that she has been hive free and wishing her many more hive free years. Thanks for the update!

Kriste Colon
Melody Matthews remember you too!!

Linda Tsirikos
So wonderful!


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