Can anyone advise why my hives look like this?

Hi it’s been a while since I posted. Can anyone advise why my hives look like this? It’s all over my body like this . I’m on mizolline/mizolastin 10mg up to 4 x per day. This has been best so far for itching but I’m so sleepy on it. I have been on xolair before but I’ll ask my dermatologist if I can go back on it again when I see him on 8th jan. also my big toe nails on both feet had a fungal infection and are now coming off ! I don’t know what to do as I haven’t had any biopsies or anything like that to be tested. I saw an immuneologist privately but he was a prick and was useless


MICHELLE SEDLMEIER TWICHELL Try to get the toe nail fungus treated because there can be a correlation between fungus and hives. Google has some articles.


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