hi Can I get some advice ?

Can I get some advice ?

I am glad to see I am not the only one with this struggle. I am all out of options. I have came here to maybe get advice on my Chronic Hives that I have been dealing with for a year now. Ever since I moved into my apartment. I am deathly allergic to cats. The previous owners did have a cat. (BUT I have cleaned this house top to bottom and I still get them) We do have mold in the home, but this apartment complex tells us we need to fix our mold problems. My doctor diagnosed me with chronic urticaria and wants to put me on Xolair. I am very hesitant against that. I really don’t want to be put on that shot. Idk what it is but something about it rubs me the wrong way. He never did an actual allergy test on me either. Just blood work. It can’t be my tattoos due to I have had them for years and my hives usually go away when I am out of this house.

Now I do notice that getting hot causes them to get worse. I am really at a loss here on what to do. Antihistamines do work, but I need to keep up with it. If I miss one pill It hits me with a vengeance. I get them on my back, my legs, my arms, my chest, and my belly. It even gets to the point it will affect my eyes and lips. I can’t live like this anymore. We plan on moving sometime soon. So I am doing that. I just really wonder what the source could be. Can I get some advice


STEPHEN BURKHARD Yeah the struggle is real 

DANIELLE SHEPPARD I was allergic to x. But, I am now on dapsone, and it is helping a lot.

SARA HILTON He wants to do xolair but I really don’t want too lol

DANIELLE SHEPPARD Read up on your options.Maybe you could sway him. I haven’t had any negative effects from dapsone. It’s a lot less scary than xolair. So I got to waste 300.00 on epi pens.

HEIDI OBERLIN Had a reaction to Xolair. Worst two days ever. My allergist told me it is nearly impossible to get cat dander out of any place a cat has been and people can react years after a cat is gone. Their dander sticks so its impossible to get rid of no matter what. I get awful asthma with cats and mold. I am asking about different meds cause the Xolair made my hives worst and awful scary side effects.

SARA HILTON Yeah. That’s what I am worried about. I really don’t want to try it. I’ve been on zyrtec and Claritin day and night. I was hoping that there was something herbal. Like bee pollen is good for seasonal allergies

SUZANNE LAUB BETHARD I have taken Plexus Probio5 and Biocleanse for my hives, my allergies and food intollerances which were many are also gone. I used to have an epipen for my ragweed allergy because it was off the charts bad. I don’t take my antihistamines, nose sprays or eye drops anymore.

LYNN LUCAS GOULD Hopefully once you move, you’ll be done with this problem.

SARA HILTON Yeah. I hope so. This sucks! I wouldn’t wish this on anyone

RUSTAM KHAN You can get rid of this problem by using homeopathic medicine

ANNE REISINGER COBLE-CARREL Mine are triggered by heat, pressure and stress. Although there are times when I can’t seem to find any triggers.
A few years ago (several years after my chronic hives first appeared), I had a cyst removed from my wrist. Ever since then, sometimes when I have a hive attack there will be hives right on top of that scar.

SARA HILTON Yeah I think the pressure, heat and hide factor for me. I wore a bra the other day and my trap muscle was swollen and full of hives.

LEXI CHESSNOE You should try being gluten free for a week. I had hives just like that would cover me head to toe. I’ve been to multiple doctors that have all told me the same thing, to do allergy testing. My mom has have bad experience with allergists, so I never did. But once I was off gluten I have been feeling amazing and haven’t had a break out in a month. Also try getting a homeopathic medicine for hives, that usually works better then antihistamines for me.

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