Can someone please help me to get rid off this hives from me

I know this is terrible but can someone please help me to get rid off this from me 😔. This hives started when I went to USA since june. At first it’s started from my stomach and I thought that this is cause of changing water are or something like that. But it is getting worse it’s almost 4 months. What to do now???
I went to see a doctor, they gave me a claritin prednisone with hydroxyzine. It is not helping at all


Rita Valentine Hi Roza, this is a new journey with new eating habits. It takes time. Firstly you have to find whatvtruggers your hives. Secondly, start to reduce intake of mild, wheat bread as it contains gluten, eat fruit that does not contain histamines as you have developed an intolerance for histamines.

Rita Valentine This is a list of foods you must refrain from eating. Stat a gluten free and lactose free diet. Eat wheat free products. Almond milk or coconut milk, do not eaten frozen foods. Eat fresh food. Clean your gut. Prebiotics cleans the gut to grown good bacteria for your gut. All the beat.

Teresa Allen I stopped lactose and it has helped mine heaps

Brenda Kirby Teresa Allen me too

Teresa Allen Brenda Kirby it’s amazing I have been suffering with hives on and off for 15-20 years

Pam Kolpack Simmons Are you on any medication? Make sure if you are , your checking the ingredients.

Ira Chan Thats same reaction as mine after going to the beach. I put kenacort and it doesnt help. It left dark spots which up to now wont disappear 

Roza Borisovna Ira Chan omg

Or Har-Gil I’m so sorry you’re suffering. It could be the stress of the move. I know my hives were triggered by a stressful time in my life. I hope you find some relief.

Nicole Blotnick ask about Xolair it has helped me so much. You may need to find a new allergist, the first one I went to never even mentioned Xolair.

Roza Borisovna Nicole Blotnick hi, can u tell me please, where do you go to check up ur allergies? Which hospital and which doctor? I am at Chicago now.

Nancy Deperi It’s your digestive tract. Get in a sugar free, gluten free, diet. Try to do a cleanse to get rid of the toxins, etc.

Lynne Palmer Janelle Grandson had hives and went non-gluten. Hives disappeared. Not an issue for everyone but worth a try.

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