Can you get a hive on your eyeball ?

I did take a quarter of a prednisone so I can hope go to work tomorrow

Can you get a hive on your eyeball? I’m have a bad flair today and my eye feels swollen and it’s super itchy but it’s not red.. I feel like I stuck a cotton ball on my eyeball. 🤦🏼‍♀️ it’s happened before… I did take a quarter of a prednisone so I can hope go to work tomorrow


Megan Ross
Yes!!! My dr gave me eye drops that help

Heather DiFronzo
Megan Ross which ones?? I was going to try OTC before I ask my dr. But I just might go straight to the dr. Lol

Alejandro Gonzalez
I’ve hear of people getting them on their organs.

Heather DiFronzo
Alejandro Gonzalez oh my goodness! That’s terrible.. I feel so bad for us all
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Alejandro Gonzalez
Heather DiFronzo three nights ago the index finger on my left hand swole up twice the size. The following night on the same side, from my wrist up six inches only. Not even the whole forearm 🤷‍♂️

Heather DiFronzo
When I woke up my eye was better but it was crusty all around … YUCK!!

Virginia Milius Frese
I have had them under my eye lids but not on my eyeball.

Karen Aldous
Yup! Only had one once, but it was just like Kimberly described. Not fun.

Bonnie Schultz
Haven’t experienced a hive on my eyeball but got them under my eye lids

Kimberly Woods
Unfortunately!! I have a chronic eyeball 👁 hive in my right eye. It looks like a clear bubble and blurs my vision. Super annoying! 😩 sorry you’re going through this.

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