Coincidence or the celery juice

Would you post recipe please, at this point I’m willing to try anything

It was my first day drinking it and I wanted to keep everyone updated on my progress. Today was Day 2 drinking it. Yesterday I had an upset stomach from it but not until hours later. It lasted a couple hrs and went away. Last night my hives were a little more itchy than normal which was annoying. I took 50mg of hydroxyzine instead of my normal 25mg.
Like so many of you, my hives are worse in the mornings. However this morning, although my hives were definitely still around, they didn’t itch NEARLY as much as they normally do Coincidence or the juice, idk. Will continue to share my updates!


Leah O’Loughlin
That’s great news!!👏

Nancy Ann
Thanks! Who knows this early if it’s truly related to the celery juice. I’ve had good morning and evenings and I’ve done NOTHING different the day/night before so it could be a coincidence. but I’m cautiously optimistic

Tamora Williams
Thanks for the updates

Jennie Roe
Would you post recipe please, at this point I’m willing to try anything

Nancy Ann
Jennie Roe there’s no recipe. It’s just a stalk of celery. Nothing else. I’ll see if I can find a link

Jennie Roe
Nancy Ann thanks!

Charity Hertzler
20 year sufferer here and literally the only thing that I have ever found to keep them completely away was thru juicing. I stumbled across Fat Sick and Nearly Dead one day and thought can’t hurt to try it. Mean Green juice is my juice of choice, not tasty but you acquire the taste after awhile and the relief is worth it. It will ‘clean you out’ sorta like you described but give it a few days. I think it takes a few days of juicing for the irritant to leave your system if it’s something to do with something you’re ingesting. Good luck!

Arzo Madani
Charity Hertzler did you only drink juice for 40 days? & what kind did you drink?

Heather Murphy
Could it have been the 50mg still being in your system?!
I hope the juice helps!!!

Tammy Thomas Suire
Heather Murphy that’s what I’m thinking too

Nancy Ann
Heather Murphy I don’t think so. In my experience I’ve taken 25mg at night around 9:30 then set my alarm for about 2 am and take 50mg (because my hives worsen through the night into the morning) and I’ve still woken up with itchiness all over. So if the 50mg was still in my system by taking it at 9:30 then it DEFINITELY would be at 2 am too.

Wingate Fam
I have been juicing celery as well then chill it (tastes better) and hives have diminished. Also not eating ANY processed food, no packaged foods like chips or canned. Just whole foods diet.

Nancy Ann
Bella Bella how long did it take before they started to diminish

Wingate Fam
Nancy Ann honestly I have never juiced before. So as soon as I started within days I was surprised that I didn’t have any hives. The more cruciferous veggies I ate or drank, it was so evident. I believe mine are hormonal related since I am going through perimenopause. I also reintroduced organic grass fed meat, poultry & turkey. I also started drinking organic elderberry syrup for immune support. My progesterone was slightly low so I am eating foods to bring it back up and now my hives are gone. I hope this helps someone here. I know how annoying and irritating it can be to the point of crying.
Change’s a lifestyle! Hydrate, relax or mediate. Pray for wisdom & guidance 💗

Rael Briscoe
I juice with celery but add veg too but I always find my hives worse after 5pm

Nancy Ann
Rael Briscoe 5 pm is my witching hour too. What is it with that??

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