Did anyone with this disease have High mycoplasma?

Did anyone with this disease have High mycoplasma? My daughters was very high and they gave her antibiotics for 7 days and she was recently rechecked and the mycoplasma is still there, lower but still there. I’m trying to understand this. She had a chest X-ray done and had been a pulmonologist and it looks okay but still this mycoplasma is hanging around. I emailed the doctor with What to do next. Just wondering if anyone else has had this.


Rose Vadnais Sometimes it takes two rounds of an antibiotic like Zithromax (that specifically targets mycoplasma) to get it all. Does she have other respiratory symptoms right now? There are some absolutely terrible viruses going around where we live right now that have been knocking people out for weeks. As far as mycoplasma and hives go I’m not sure how they are related but I’m sure that any infection would exacerbate her symptoms. Not sure this is helpful, but have been through this with my boys who both have respiratory issues.

Rose Vadnais And not all antibiotics kill mycoplasma- be sure to ask your doctor about that

Melaney Reid She was on 7 days of doxycycline and her allergist had said she may have to do a long term like 6-8 weeks of antibiotics so I’m hoping if they take that route it will help. The allergist did tell me that mycologists could cause hives so I’m hoping it goes away when the mycoplasma infection does too You totally helped me too btw I appreciate all feedback always . She totally had a cough that lingered for like 5 months I thought was just allergy related.

Rose Vadnais Ask your dr if she’s able to try azithromiacin (Zithromax) as it is usually more effective against mycoplasma than doxy.

Tracey Turner Very interested to follow what happens for you melaney. My 3 year old son has had urticaria since may ’17. After investigation, bloods revealed he’d had mycoplasma infection / walking pneumonia as they call it. (I didn’t even know he’d had it).
He’d already fought off the infection by then, just had antibodies against it. But they gave him antibiotics before they had full results showing this. Made no difference whatsoever. Dermatologist also later prescribed another lot of antibiotics without even testing him which I was very unhappy about and didn’t finish the course. (I am aware of how antibiotics affect gut health which is linked to immunity so it seems counter intuitive to give him more unnecessary antibiotics!)
Fast forward 9 months. Still awful urticaria. Still a mystery and source of much anxiety for me.
Did your daughter have urticaria before the mycoplasma? What else have they told you about it? Does she have active symptoms now?

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