Do the hives come back? Should I stock up on antihistamines in case?

hives uc

I broke out with hives Saturday evening Took benadryl to help my sleep that night. Woke up with a slight outbreak Sunday mornibg, but It got worse and worse through the day and I ended up going into urgent care. The doc prescribed prednisone and continued benadryl, claritine as needed. Today will be day 5 of prednisone as I’m tapering off the doses.
I’ve never had them before, and we have no idea what brought them on Thinking stress, hormone shifts, and heat as possibilities.
I’m curious to know what others have experienced when they stop the prednisone.
Do the hives come back? Should I stock up on antihistamines in case?
Thanks for any insight!
(this is what my legs and arm looked like when I finally went in They are clear now)


KAREN BAKER-FLETCHER Hopefully this is acute hives. It takes 6-8 weeks of hives before they are called chronic hives.

MAUREEN DAVIDSON Sorry to say came back worse

KRISTA MORGAN After steroids they usually come back unless it was some fluke and you had an acute reaction. They can last 4-6 weeks. If they last longer they will become a chronic condition. 

CANDI NAKATANI Okay… That’s what I’m worried about. I guess time will tell. I’m thankful for the prednisone for now.

LILY BEE A lot of people though only have it a few weeks and then it never comes back….but its a good idea to have anti histamines for security. Also stress makes it worse so try to find ways to relax.

CANDI NAKATANI That’s the goal… Less stress!

TANYA HARRISON Mine lasted around 8 weeks and I haven’t had any for the last 8 weeks. When I was first on prednisone and I stopped it flared up quite abit. But after the second time i slowly tapered off them and it disappeared after that. But even when mine was at its worse prednisone didn’t make mine stop it just helped with the severity. But everyone is different

BREANNA CHURCHMAN How long did these last? 5 days? What did it look like as it was going away?

CANDI NAKATANI Total about 5 days including time in prednisone… As they went away, they seemed to spread further and further apart and to my extremities. I’m on day 6 of prednisone and clear for the 2nd day straight.

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