Do you all know when you all start have a flare up?

My wrist starting to itching.

So I’m giving you a back story and I have question too
Sorry some of question I’m asking is because I been going through it.
It’s been all most a year since I start having chronic hives. I didn’t know what was going on with me. Everytime I started to itch I started to cry I felt like I was going crazy. I been to er since I didn’t have health insurance. Last year in oct I got health insurance through my company. I work in hazmat place. I would start itch to the point I feel like something was crawling on me.

My doctor referred me to see an allergist. my doctor gave me Claritin and famotidine. I had to be off my medication for a week before seeing my allergist. That week almost made me feel like i was crazy. I went to work the first day I couldn’t even focus on my job I was itching everywhere. 2 months ago I seen allergist.he told me to talk Allegra D with famotidine in the morning and Claritin at night.

Recently in the past week or so I started getting itch again. It’s place I shouldn’t post on here. Well today my eye was swelling up. This time it’s bad it looks like my fiancé hit me. Which my fiancé didn’t hit me. My wrist starting to itching.

Do y’all know when y’all start have a flare up?
Does your head itch?
Does your eye swell up?
Does your lip swell up?
Does it itch where you shouldn’t be feeling itching at?


Jennie Roe
The swelling is angioedema, which is commonly caused by NSAIDs. I cannot take aspirin for that reason. I am currently on antihistamines (since June 2019) and Xolair (Jan. 2020) and have been hive free for 6 weeks. Best of luck to you!

Donette Hixchix Hicks
Ask your dr about Xolair- it’s covered by insurance and if you still can’t afford it, Xolair pharmacy co will help you. You’ll need to stay on your antihistamines but not as much.

Michelle Denise
They could have saved you a lot of sleepless nights and itching, and started with testing your blood work for allergies. So sorry you are going through this.

Kapiolani Lewis
Michelle Denise he said he know it was chronic hives

Michelle Denise
Kapiolani Lewis i never had to go through what you have. They tested just my blood and determined it was chronic hives, and autoimmune. I’m suffering, but not like you have, having to go without some form of relief for a solid week.

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