Do you guys experience the same hives?

So i had a very bad reaction days ago.
It leaves mark. The brown mark that i pointed out. It wont go away until I got the new red dots from last night cold. it usually goes away. Didnt leave mark. I used some cream i forgot the name. Asethonic something 😅

Do you guys experience the same? Or you know how to get rid of this brown mark? Will it be permanent?


Heather Glazewski Taken today. For me they are usually bruises from older hives. They will go away (they look more red in the pic than they actually are)

Ira Chan Thanks for ur reply hun. Hope you’re well 

Amena Fayad I’d go get tested for urticarial vasculitis. A rheumatologist told me if they always leave bruises and the marks stay for more that 12-25 hrs.. then it could be that . Possibly? All the best

Ira Chan I think so. Usually it goes away soon. But not this time

Allison Aileen A dermatologist tests for vasculitis fyi. It’s a biopsy. Couple stitches.

Ira Chan Not familiar with this but let me google it. Thanks for ur reply

Cathy Lynn Spencer I am no expert but this might be a type of vasculitis… the bruising

Ira Chan Oh wow i just google image the vasculitis, they look like mine more ☹️ ill see the doctor . I forgot when the last time i see my skin feet nice and beautiful 😂 everyday is bruised. Hives and reddish  . Thanks hun

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