do you still have breakthroughs like this?


For my fellow Xolair users….do you still have breakthroughs like this? I started Xolair in September. Am still on my regime of antihistamines as well and I have breakthroughs like this almost every week.


JORDANA HAGUE Yes me too “ it works maybe 75% of the time and when it doesnt its baaaaad

JESSICA RODGERS Its so frustrating. Before I started Xolair my doctor made it sound like it would clear me up completely

ZUBAIR AHMED I can feel the pain in picture. This pain is so bad that only how faces realise . With grace of God I am good with my medication.

KELLY COLLIER Have you spoke to your dr about giving you a higher dose?! I had small breakthroughs with mine but they it was maybe every few months and they would clear up A LOT quicker then they did prior to Xolair?

JESSICA RODGERS My doctor did mention that as an option, but unfortunately I have maxed out on the Xolair assistance program until I can re-enroll in September. I can tell it helps some as it was way worse before I started Xolair.

MARY ANN DEGLOPPER QUIROZ I was just hoping the xolair would work well enough to get rid of all the oral antihistamine I take daily . I am on antihistamine overload !


NANCY DEPERI I got a very bad outbreak in January. Im glad to say Im doing great now, after being on four antihistamines that Im getting off now. I made many changes to my diet and have slowly put them back in my diet. Time will tell after Im completely off of the antihistamines. Im taking a product called Juice plus, have heard awesome results from it for various health issues. Keeping my fingers crossed!



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