Do you think splitting it will be enough medicine ?

2 months in a row that after 3 weeks the xolair stops doing its job .. Going to get another shot today. Going to see if I can get approved for every 3 weeks instead of once per . Do you think splitting it will be enough medicine ?


Carly Grayeski See f they will let you split your dose and get it every two weeks!

Shayne Oaks Good luck! I just got approved for every three weeks!

Joyce Rosenblatt Good luck

Jennifer Trahan I’m having the same issue. Just got my dr to switch me to splitting it every 2 weeks. Hopefully it works!!

Rebekah Rowan I Wake up every day and my hands look like this

William Koch rebekah, have you tried xolair? even though i have flares without the xolair i would spread everywhere on me

Rebekah Rowan No not yet I’m seeing a specialist soon my immunologist has referred me to a specialist so waiting on an appointment it’s only taken 3 years for them to take me seriously

Sara Kronholm I haw every 3 weeks!

Rita Kady Houston So sorry, I hate when they are on the palm of your hands.

Anne Bissonnette My allergist told me zolair is only fully in our system for 2 weeks. For some people having a small amount of the zolair still in them during week 3 or 4 is enough to keep them hive free, but it’s really meant for only 2 weeks. Also the cost is another reason they try to stretch each dose. Madlyn you definitely don’t look fat. Im close to 300, which is scary. I’m depressed since the zolair made my ICU worse and I haven’t had a break in months. I don’t know how much more I can take since I have fibro on top of this and have extreme diarrhea relating to the CIU. I’m glad the zolair is working for you. You just need to get the dosage adjusted. Big hugs to you Madlyn.

Terri Binga See if you can up the dosage. My son who is 12 had the same thing. They upped his to 300 mg & it had a huge improvement. I almost thought that was his hand. His looked the same way

Michelle Donnellan You can try splitting the dose and have 1 shot every 2 weeks. It keeps it consistent and doesn’t “run out” around that 3-4 weeks. It’s a lower dose obviously but may be enough to keep your hives still at bay

Yvonne Visée Clohessy Yikes, I’ve never had hand hives. Had them on the bottom of my feet once, that definitely wasn’t pleasant. Such a lousy disease

Gene Starr Oh. I’m so sorry. Hand hives are the worst. You’ll get through this!

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