Doc thinks I am having allergic reaction

Being discharged from the ER. Doc thinks I am having allergic reaction even though my blood work looks fine. He says I should start to cut our foods that might be a trigger. Where to start? 😫 he also gave me a prescription for ant-acid to help with the gut, and an presption for anti-histamine. I feel so lost and helpless. I don’t see allergist until March and because I am not anaphylactic they are not speeding up referral. This is me this am after barely eating for 2 days due to my stomach cramps and pains. Tested negstubd for celiac.


Sarah Mowry I would still cut out gluten and see how you feel. I tested positive for a gluten intolerance on my bloodwork but tested negative on the skin test 🤷‍♀️ I will say I feel so much better and my hives are way less active when I reduce the amount of gluten I have

Patricia Newsome Ask for a prednisone shot to help! The urgent care can give you one!

Loretta Dubroc Jeansonne It’s to find out if it’s Acute or Chronic

Joanne Rees I haven’t had a flare for a few years but mine tend to happen every 3 to 4 years. But the best thing I have found is taking good vitamins and probiotics. I also avoid things I have learned are triggers for me, obviously. I reccomend Melaleuca, Doterra or Plexus. There is also a vitamin at grocery stores, I believe it’s called Alive. Good luck! I remember how miserable they are. I hope mine never return.

May Kay You can help yourself through trial and error & your own research more than any doctor can. Look to what you’ve been eating, especially staples or a random new thing or restaurant. Look to environmental. Try to empty your histamine bucket. Use H1 & H2 antihistamines for immediate relief. You will find a way.

Judy Kuhn I swore mine was food but it’s not-mine is 100% environmental-dogs, cats, pollen, dust mites, molds.
I’m going to begin an immunization process. I also eliminated everything and nothing helped. I’m on Zyrtec and Atarax -I’m still broken out in hives all over my legs.

Lisa Kaichen Cutting out mammal meat and dairy was a life changer for me

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