Does anybody else get hives like this?

Does anybody else get hives like this? I get these little painful swollen bumps all over my fingers, bottoms of my feet, and lips. Has anyone found anything to help it? I can tell that vinegary and acidic foods make it worse. I am pregnant so can’t take many meds.


Lori Levesque Petsch Yes! My hands always hurt! I put ointment on all day.

Kathleen Mariah Lori Levesque Petsch have you been able to figure out what makes it worse? What has your doctor said. I’m just wondering bc it’s not the “typical” itchy rash hives. I saw an allergist he just told me to take 4 zyrtec a day and some doxepin at night.

Susanna Davidson Try Benadryl cream

Bri Fergusson Do they always look like this? Do they ever progress? Mine start out exactly Like this, then everyday get bigger and grow into this. Once a spot appears, it’s there for 4-6 weeks

Kathleen Mariah Bri Fergusson mine usually come and go within 24 hours and move somewhere else

Bri Fergusson And I don’t have an ankle because of how swollen it is. That’s not my ankle normally

Bri Fergusson Kathleen Mariah ugh. I’m so hoping someone here has something similar to me, but so far I have not found anyone

Kathleen Mariah Bri Fergusson what do you do for it? What do the doctors say?

Bri Fergusson Kathleen Mariah doctors have no idea. Been to 2 of the best hospitals and both presented to grand rounds and no one has any idea. I’ve seen over 60 doctors and had 4 biopsies done. They want to try xolair just to see if it would help symptoms. They treated me for things that I didn’t have just to see if it would help (scabies, chicken pox, staph, fungal). Plan is to see an allergist, try xolair and just “wait until it rears it’s ugly head” that’s straight from mayos mouth. They think my body is reacting to an infection and they just can’t find it yet 
Kathleen Mariah never had a rash in my life. Then I’ve had this twice now. Once in February that lasted about 6 weeks and was constant. Looked different. Looked more like hives, but biopsy said it wasn’t, and the biopsy then show the same thing that my second rash showed. Yet they look completely different.sexond rash came in in August and lasted through October. I still have a few spots that pop up

Kathleen Mariah Bri Fergusson sams here I go to the Cleveland clinic. They didn’t do any tests or anything they just said well you just had a baby its common to have too much histamine it will go away in 18 months. But my daughter is 18 months and it’s not gone lol. They wanted me to do xolair too but I didn’t bc I have another autoimmune disease and already have to do an injection. Plus they had no proof that would help. My advise to you would be to see some kind of naturopath or functional medicine doctor. They are the only ones who help. I have seen many for my RA. I started seeing one for my hives and got 1 LDA injection then found out the next day I was pregnant so couldn’t continue

Bri Fergusson Kathleen Mariah ugh. Does the person you see now think they are hives? I was tested for soooooo many things. It’s so weird.

Vernon Gillikin It almost always starts on palms of hands and bottom of feet then moves up wrist and forearms , have to take a benedryl immediately if I feel this.

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