Does anybody else get little mini hives on their palms

Does anybody else get little mini hives on their palms , like for no reason ? Or atleast I don’t know the reason why I still get them every now and then at first I thought it was only because I was “allergic” to shrimp. It’s frustrating because they itch a lot


Jamie Elliott Baker ALL THE TIME! Drives me insane!

Fatima Caraveo Jamie Elliott Baker what do you do to help ?

Jamie Elliott Baker Fati Stef I havent found anything sadly

Lisa Burke-Guidry Yes! It use to be terrible absolutely terrible.
Since taking my supplements I haven’t had very many at all.

Nicole Carrie Lisa Burke-Guidry what all are you taking ?

Fatima Caraveo Lisa Burke-Guidry I need some of those supplements then

Laura Lee Brown Yeah I get them every now and then too even though I’ve been what I call “hive free” for almost two years I still occasionally get it just like you.

Fatima Caraveo Laura Lee Brown do you know what makes them come out or is it random? Me too I havent gotten hives since like may but now and then i get 1 or a few and then they go away . But these hand ones really hurt alot

Laura Lee Brown i really don’t know but eliminating gluten is what got rid of mine so only thing I can think of is that I may get a little cross contamination of gluten occasionally.

Dev Yadav Reason could be its pressure urticaria: if you have pulled or push something with this palm, after some random time such hives may occure.
Other reason could be house dust or some other dust mixed with your palm sweating.

Fatima Caraveo Dev Yadav thank you for that info ! I appreciate it alot !


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