Does anybody get bruises after a very very big hive?

I am trying to gather info to give to my GP because apart from diagnosing CIU he really didnt have a clue

Does anybody get bruises after a very very big hive? I’ve tried to attached a picture but my phone wont really pick them up. I’ve had 2 large ones over the past few days. One on my back went after a few hours but left a yellow like bruise and one on my arm yesterday has left a yellow/brown/slight red bruise? Sorry for all the recent posts I’m trying to gather info to give to my GP because apart from diagnosing CIU he really didnt have a clue


Patsy Dixon
Yes I bruise – not always – I thought it was because of the scratching but I think it’s part of the condition 😢

Bridget Carroll
The bruising and burning is what leads my dermatologist to suspect that I have Urticaria Vasculitis. I am having punch biopsies to see if that’sthe case. Mine swell up and get hard. Stretching out my skin. When they recede they bruise.

Lynne Turpin
Bridget yes! Same here, just off to Google that, thank you for sharing 👍

Samantha Parker
Yes same as mine! I’ve googled that before and its scared me! Can you give a little in sight on it if your dermatologist has discussed it with you?x

Jacqui Dobson
Bridget Carroll I had several doctors certain that’s what I had. Results came back clear 🤷🏻‍♀️

Hope Rebecca Cairnie

Samantha Parker
Hope Rebecca Cairnie I dont always bruise it’s just when the hives have been very big! I’m back at the doctors Tuesday so going to mention it more. I’m hoping it’s just part and parcel of CIU and not another journey I need to go down 🤞

Hope Rebecca Cairnie
I get a mix of hives, but the big raised hives I can literally feel through my jeans. The bigger hard ones almost always leave bruises. They look so strange too because I can see each pore on my skin within the hive because it’s so raised. The hard ones seem to be worse on the lower half of my body.

Maria Di Rosa Carneglia
Yes, I did.

Liliana Elena Preda
Ye, me too. Today!! I am on fire. I have to wait one month for the result of biopsies. Best wishes for all and strenght!

Samantha Parker
Liliana Elena Preda that’s exactly what I get left with.. what tests have you add may I ask? All the best to you too!!!

Liliana Elena Preda
A lot of blood tests ( cytomegalovirus, epstein barr, cryoglobulines, DAO, IgE etc ), feces, urine, ultrasound and skin tests. I tested positive for nikel, forest nuts, dust and neomicina. But this is not the cause of hives. And I see many doctors, derma and allergo, all said: idiopathic. The only thing who helps me is dexamethasone ( cortisone ). But I try not to abuse…

Liliana Elena Preda
In my country it is Humira, but I have to pay a lot of money…and if I was sure it is safe and works, maybe I could make a loan from bank. I keep reading stories from those who are on Xolair and I’m not happy with some results. I have also pressure urticaria, but in my job I can’t avoid it. 😞

Liliana Elena Preda
I have also psoriasis, somebody else have here?

Jessica Cheuvront
Liliana Elena Preda i also have psoriasis…had it for several years before hives.

Liliana Elena Preda
For me was first psoriasis and after 2-3 months angidoema and urticaria. Doctors said that is’n any link between diseases. You tell me was years before…I thought the immune system go crazy. I am like this from 2013 and I still hope that someone will discover a treatment for autoimmune disease…a final treatment!!

Rosavine A. Pablo

Jill Blakeman

I also bruise 😒

Lisa Murano

Yes, not always though.

Jacqui Dobson


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