Does anyone else find themselves mentally talking to their hives

Does anyone else find themselves mentally talking to their hives, ie this little beauty on my foot this morning ‘why don’t you just f*** off’ 😬 Or am i a bit nuts? 😆 Hope you’re all having a hive free/bearable day you lovely polka dotted people


Brittany Fox Yep i always do stuff then im like nope might make my hives mad 😂

Cochinillo Dulce Yes, I talk to any of them at any given time. They don’t talk back; they just get mad and bigger.

Hilary Lipscombe Ditto!

Carol Mark Rollo Yep!!! Say the F word a LOT

Marlene Chapman I just did the same. Ya little fuckers need to bugger off. Sigh

Glenda Ray I am constsntly telling myself that every itch isn’t necessarily a hive.

Hilary Lipscombe Oh definitely every time i feel an itch i have to check if it’s a hive 🙈

Glenda Ray I always hope it is just a normal itch.

Denise Warrell me, too.

Krista Morgan Yes. I say please leave me now! I’m fine! Ugh 6 months is long enough prayers for everyone dealing with this horrible disease.

Hilary Lipscombe Awful isn’t it 😫 41 years for me intermittently, i don’t know how people cope with it every day

Hannah Norris Totally me! I’m always telling mine to do one.

Karen Baker-Fletcher I tell mine to simmer down and go away.

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