Does anyone else get hives along their scars?

Does anyone else get hives along their scars? I’ve had 2 surgeries in my life (a csection in 2006 and my broken wrist in 2012) and my hives love to congregate along my scar lines. My hives began after my csection so I thought maybe it had something to do with it. My very first hives were also on the csection scar. Is there anyone like me out there?


Victoria Sawyer I don’t get them along scars. Mine cause scars though..

Ann Marie I do, and they love my csection scar

Janet Witt Maybe something to do with the internal stitches? Or if tissue changes after surgery?  Katy Lou I’m also from Minnesota. Have you found and doctors that specializes in CU?

Katy Lou I get my xolair at the Maplewood Allina. I’ve been to the UofM and the Mayo and both suggested Xolair. I think Xolair helps but it doesn’t stop them.

Janet Witt OK my doctor put in the request for xolair so hopefully I can start that soon

Elena Caudle Hutchison I don’t usually get them along my scars. I did get them really badly while both this scar and my c-section one were healing though. That said scar twins!!! (Mine is from rollerblading)

Katy Lou Funny! I fell off my bike.

Mack McCall Yep. Especially where my hip replacement scar is. Every flare it always starts there first.

Danielle Loughran I’ve had this since 2014, had a c-section 5 months ago and those suckers love my c-section scar now! It’s gets very puffy as well when I have a breakout.

Evelyn Brethour White blood cells localize along surgical lines, and other places where (like inflammation or infection)

Joyce Rosenblatt The second flare broke out along a scar from a recent vein surgery on my leg.

Mary Hollabaugh Diehl I have a very small tattoo from 26 years ago my hives will show up on my tattoo

Richard Rothenberg Mine vary in areas changing up constantly, but if anywhere near a scar it will go right to it and be more noticeable because my scare will convex out, all swollen, and really itch and burn more than my healthier skin. hives are so weird.. .and of course annoying…and I’m truly heartfelt for those who even after meds experience more than just annoyance. Fingers crossed for that “one day”.

Angela Rodrigues Yes I have a deep scar and it seems like my hives always start around it and than on it which is the worst cause it seems to itch so much more irritating the scar tissue so much I put ice packs on it when it happens

Cheryl Fisher I have noticed when my body is damaged by surgery, or strokes, or accidents over the years, that is where the breakouts go first. Damaged tissue seems to be more susceptible.

Stephanie Vincent Mine love my tattoos!! Which area scars!! The very first breakouts where all along my tattoos


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