Does anyone else get severe body aches before your hives come out ?

Hi everyone, I’m new here. I appreciate it. It’s nice to know I’m not alone with this struggle. I’ve been dealing with CIU for 10 yrs. I’ve seen docs and no answer yet. I know many never get an answer, but some do, and for me…I have to keep trying. They’ve been coming every week to two weeks lately , and worse then ever. Full body, swollen hands and feet. Pain in my chest and esophagus. This recent one swelled my tongue. I have an epi pen and didn’t need to use it thankfully. I’m on steroids right now and today I finally feel kinda normal, no hives. Anyway, questions: Does anyone else get severe body aches before your hives come out? The pain is getting worse and almost unbearable the day before hives. Also, does anyone find that tea is a problem? I love hot tea and have been drinking more lately for cold and flu season but wondering if too much tea could be one of many triggers. I have lots of questions, but I will stop there. Thanks so much.


Laurie A Weber Switch to decaf green tea. This time around im definitely having problem with black tea. I switched to green and decaf. I hope you find some relief !

Meghan Reynolds I think I will try decaf green and see how I handle it…thanks!

Kirsty Kirkwood Could it be the caffeine in tea? Caffeine can be a trigger for lots of things. X

Laurie A Weber I switched to decaf black tea bad still reacted. But thats,just me. Definitely didn’t happen to me last time around

Kammy Eisenberg Both black and green tea are high in histamine as well as caffeine. Could be reason for esophageal pain. I’ve switched to camomile tea. Not sure making a huge difference but can’t hurt.

Andrea Crow Green tea? Can’t find any info that says its high in histamine. Actually, calling it anti-histamine.

Kammy Eisenberg It’s DAO blocking.

Meghan Reynolds Thanks everyone! It’s such a bummer bc I LOVE hot tea! I find chamomile is OK and actually helps with pain in my joints , and so calming . I love to drink that in the evening or high stress /anxiety times , but would like to find something “safe” for the morning. Any suggestions? Do any of you drink 1/2 caff. coffee? I stopped coffee a few yrs ago but now that tea might be an issue I’m wondering if a small cup up 1/2 caff might be OK?
Advise needed: would these be OK or not? I did read about black tea, mate tea and green tea being on the DOA blocking list after I bought these teas! Here I thought I was doing a good thing for my body but it appears those of us with this issue, even healthy things can be unhealthy for us…sigh.

Kammy Eisenberg Meghan Reynolds if your esophageal pain is due to reflux/gerd , you’ll want to avoid mint/spearmint as well.

Meghan Reynolds Thank you!

Patricia Primm Lemon Ginger tea w local honey

Janet Karshina Thorpe Check the histamine diet. Many teas can cause higher histamine.

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