Does anyone else have this hives?

I know it’s terrible to say but it makes me feel better knowing there is someone else out there dealing with the same thing as me. It feels like your all alone sometimes seeing everyone else out in the world with clear skin. I have been dealing with severe chronic hives for a year now, still with no diagnosis. I have been going to an allergist for months now and it seems like I am just getting the run around. Taking 5 antihistamines a day, Been tested for everything, Still no relief!!! And as the days go on I’m getting worse and worse. I just feel like I want to give up most of the time, no matter what I do I still get them. I can’t hardly walk let alone work anymore, I just want some answers. I did find out that I have the tick disease Alpha-Gal (where you become allergic to all red meat and most dairy) I have cut out all of that and still breaking out every day. Does anyone else have this disease? My allergist thinks I have something else going on along with the alpha gal. Any advice I can get I would be happy to listen to!


Chris Oswald You are not alone. And quite frankly most people have no diagnosis it seems.
Some find allergies, some autoimmune diseases, everyone is different.
After 4 different doctors and numerous tests, there are no answers for me. They have gone away for now, showed up for about 3 weeks but I got on all the zyrtec 2×2 a day and ranitidine also. Then it slowly went away.
I hope yours diminish soon. I used aloe on my skin and also aquaphor. I continue to use aquaphor everyday to help my skin, the hives seemed to change the dryness off it.

Taylor Lynn Bryant Chris Carey Oswald thank you! And I’m also taking both of those medications along with a few more. But I have never tried aquaphor I’ll have to look into that!

Christine Joyce Pare Guevarra Hi,, my son had the same experience with yours,, whole body(head to toe) have hives.. i am very much worried then because he is already taking antihistamine and i am the one who prepare his meals,,the hives disappear for how many hours only after taking antihistamine prescribed by a dermatologist,, i already spent too much consulting dermatologist buying creams, lotion and soaps,, but still they never disappear,, for more than a month the hives are there,, but one time I talk about it with my workmates then they told me their family member also experience the same,, same thing spent too much on derma,, but they try using BL soap when bathing and apply BL cream to hives after bathing,, i tried that to my son and it was effective,, after 2 days hives disappear but i still continue using BL soap and cream on him for 2weeks,, knowing those products at cheap compare to those prescribed a his derma,,

Kimberley Morris The only thing that worked for me was Prednisone….but I’m not taking it anymore, the side effects are horrible. I would rather use a gallon of calamine lotion daily than start taking prednisone again.

Barbara Hanna Ask your doctor if you can use Mometasone Furoate Cream. .1%. My allergist prescribed it and I am to mix it half med and half Eucerine (I get the kind in the jar and it is thicker than the tube). It could be from the smoke where you work. I taped on your picture thinking it would take me to the group messages , but it took me to your page. I have asthma and smoke is my worst trigger. So I don’t know if smoke would be related to hives???

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