Does anyone ever look like this ?

My nerves are shot I had a bad outbreak today and I had a friend tell me that it could be lymphoma and my anxiety is through the roof! Does anyone’s ever look like this! Some kinda look like ringworms this is so confusing to me! Sorry to bother y’all


Na Dine Coolbeth Don’t be affraid. It is most likely not lymphoma. Don’t let people drive you crazy. How long you have that already? It can happen if you have lymphoma or leukemia to develop hives but there will be definitely severe other symptoms as well. Hives can be autoimmune or it can be related to food or an intolerance. Don’t worry and don’t believe that

Tammy Bryant Na Dine Coolbeth it’s been going on for 9 days now! They just seem to get worse I’m on Zyrtec twice a day and Zantac twice a day hoping that will help some!

Nicole Carrie Tammy Bryant I was on 4 Zyrtec and 2 Zantac so you can still move up in your dose ! Which may help a lot ! How long have you been on this dose now ?

Tammy Bryant Nicole Carrie I just started the twice a day Zyrtec yesterday I’ve been taking Zantac twice a day for a while for acid reflux

Nicole Carrie Tammy Bryant that’s good ! Well you can always do 4 Zyrtec and 2 Zantac that was the highest dose my dr would do w the Zyrtec so you have room to move up if the dose doesn’t improve in a week or so

Crystal Dawn Those look like hives to me

Onlyina Jeep Pickard Please keep us posted. Mine are severe and look k just like that. Of course no one can do anything for me

Natasha Bolfing Yes! I get mine exactly like this if I take medicine to counteract the hives 🙂 I call it my “blooming hives” as it reminds me of a blooming flower. Generally for me it means nothing except that the main welt is gone and is dissipating outwards. Still itches and aches and burns but otuerwise is still just normal hive things

Amy Solberg Wampole Natasha Bolfing I call them fish kisses

Tiffany Lee Man that’s an extreme thing to say. How scary! The only thing that may look similar to these hives can be some scabies rashes but that can be tested.
Try not to stress out, wait for your bloodwork to come back.

Sue Bee Mine look like that too. Although now I’M nervous 😬. I have been tested for all sorts of allergies and autoimmune disorders and had bloodwork done with no red flags, so neither of us should worry too much

Suzanne Davey Mine tend to look like that too

Kimberley Morris Mine are just like that, Tammy. I had all bloodwork done…. no lymphoma. My body’s response to stress. My family is stressing me out over it, though!

Tammy Bryant Kimberley Morris so you have the hives and then the funny looking little half moons or what ever that circle is

Nicole Carrie Kimberley Morris stress no doubt is part of my issue ! And yes once family Starts to get stressed it definitely stresses you out. It’s like hey wait a second can you just pay attention to my needs for a second and quit stressing me out LOL

Kimberley Morris Tammy Bryant yes! Just like that

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