Does anyone have a very similar story?

Hello! I’m new here. This started on Nov 12th when i was in the ER with throat tightening and hives everywhere. No one can figure it out yet. Had allergy testing for food and all 39 things were fine. Hives pop up every day and are worst at night. I also have some knee and back pain that I did not have before what I like to call “the attack”.

They drew blood for autoimmune testing but I don’t have results yet due to it falling before the holiday. CBC normal, thyroid within acceptable range per doctor. Hoping to find info and support through this venue as it is affecting my ability to sleep and this carries over into the next day. If I do relieve it with benadryl at night I am super groggy the next morning and falling asleep sitting up. Does anyone have a very similar story?


CAROL ZAMMIT I hear you….have been like you are for the past 8 weeks. It makes you miserable….I totally understand you. Ask your doctor to check your estrogen levels.. it could be a hormonal issue. I have been given hrt nearly 3 weeks ago because my estogen levels were very low. Today has been my best day…will keep you posted. Goodluck!

STACY WOOD I saw a dermatologist who biopsied mine while I was in a flare. I was prescribed Cellcept which helped for awhile due to no antihistamines or xolair helping. When the Cellcept stopped working I had an asthma attack totally unrelated to the hives but they flared while I was in the hospital. They gave me injections of Ativan for my anxiety. It got rid of the hives. I now take it in pill form and haven’t had any hives. We are all different and it took 6 years for me to find this. Just got relief this month.

TAMMY THOMAS Suire Are you saying taking Ativan daily keeps hives at bay because getting OFF of that is what started mine. 6 years ago

STACY WOOD Tammy Thomas Suire it has actually worked for me but they believe mine are so bad because they are stress induced. Ive been to Mayo Clinic and everywhere trying to figure it out. I work in a very dangerous job where I am the boss ensuring the safety of over 2000 people on a daily basis. So stress and anxiety is a huge factor in my life. They started me on the Ativan pills and Citalopram as soon as I left the hospital on November 7 and I havent had a breakout since. I had full body hives daily with no relief.

JANUARY PAYNE Did they only test for food allergies and nothing environmental? If so, you might ask for environment allergen testing (skin prick) and patch tests (for skin allergies). My hives are caused by my severe environmental allergies. Also, ask about having hydroxyzine prescribed. My hives were also worse at night. Benadryl stopped helping. Taking 50-75 mg of hydroxyzine every night helped keep the hives at bay until I was able to start Xolair injections.

LISA BENARD CHRISTENSEN It started nov 12th and you.had allergy testing already? Omg. What is wrong with the drs and medical where i live? I have had hives since january and not a single test has been run. I saw a dermatologist who glanced at them and said “nope not a dermatology issue” and my dr said “dont know anything about those other than we almost never find a cause” and the immunologist hasnt even called me thougg my referral went through in january and the dr claims they have phoned to confirm i am on the list. I am curious as to where people live who get seen to – is it a problem with Canadian health care or maybe my province (bc) or does my dr just suck lol
I feel mine are related to chronic stress and anxiety.
For me cbd oil has helped immensely and supplementing with a really good vitamin

KENDRA BEAN They did not test for environmental, no. I will ask for that.

JUDE LEMON My daughter started with hers after her flu nasal spray & had subsequent outbreaks either just before or during an upper respiratory infection. Luckily hers isn’t every day

MELISSA ILAGAN It’s inflammation! You need to subside the inflammation and take as much as many of strong anti inflammation supplements or herbs! Let your body cells fights those parasites in your body.

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