Does anyone know that how many time go away allergic reaction ?

Hi thanks for accepting me into the group. I started getting hives about 3 weeks after moving into our newly built house and thought the normal thing that it was something in the house but even after leaving for a few weeks they didn’t go away. Does anyone know if it takes longer than a few weeks away for them to go away if it was an allergic reaction. It has now been six months and they are getting worse and worse 😥


MEG MURILLO I feel your pain! I’ve been dealing with them for 6 years now. They say once they last longer than 6 weeks it’s chronic (I think). Who knows what in your body could’ve triggered it. Doctors can’t even seem to figure it out. I feel so bad for all of us on here dealing with them

JESS THOMAS Thanks for the advice they are the most frustrating thing ever !! My doctor has put me on an antidepressant that has a really strong antihistamine in it but I feel like it does nothing. I have tried the bentonite clay for the last week as well as a gluten free diet(both suggestion from this group) but unfortunately they haven’t given me any relief yet. I am waiting to have my thyroid re checked as last time it was slightly abnormal. I also feel so sorry for everyone on here dealing with these horrible things 

AMANDA SHOEMAKER Awww… those look painful! I don’t know if you’ve looked into candida overgrowth but after going to urgent care, derm twice and the allergist… 3 blood tests… no one could figure out why I had hives for three months. My husband convinced me to try drinking bentonite clay in the morning. Within a couple days I saw improvement and by day 4 they were gone. I’m on week 3 now and they’re still gone! Still taking a Claritin and Zyrtec in the morning but I’m hive free! Worth a shot! You mix one tablespoon with a couple ounces of water in the morning and don’t eat for 45 minutes. Hope you get some relief fast!

JENNIFER SERRANO LYLE Going to try this! Ty

AMANDA SHOEMAKER Hope it helps! I don’t know where you live but my husband buys it online.

JENNIFER SERRANO LYLE Ugh, I’m so sorry girl! Same happened to me. Never had hives until a few weeks after moving to our bungalow…that was 3 years ago! Started when I was 38. They are managed thankfully. Nasacort oral tablets work. It’s a cortisteriod which is not great but better than prednisone and way less side effects. I tried everything!!! Hope you find relief soon

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